FOD Classic: The Navy Seal Who Killed Osama Bin Laden #‎Give2Veterans‬ more »

Full Credits

Starring: Rob Riggle
Featuring: Patrick Finerty, Tess Kartel, Marisa DeVonish and Rachel Zake
Written by Chris Henchy
Directed by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Director of Photography - Kevin Atkinson
Assistant Camera - Gabe Diniz
Gaffer- Jay Guffey
Best Boy Electrician- Justin Hernandez
Key Grip- Corrin Hodgeson
Driving Grip - Ron M Wilson
Production Designer- Geoff Alderete
Wardrobe Supervisor- Anna Tibboel
Sound- BoTown Sound
Assistant Director - Tim Ketchersid
Production Assistants - Alistair Walford, Caitlin Smith, Luis Sanchez
Edited by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Produced by Sean Boyle
Executive Producer - Mike Farah
Special thanks to the Burbank Moose Lodge


(theme music)
Patrick M.J. Finerty: Lieutenant this award is
for your service in Abbottabad.
Patrick M.J. Finerty: To have shot Bin Laden
and led that mission.
Patrick M.J. Finerty: You define the term, American hero.
Rob Riggle: Thank you sir!
Patrick M.J. Finerty: You must never tell anyone.
Patrick M.J. Finerty: Your action that day
must remain anonymous.
Patrick M.J. Finerty: Your medal hidden, your
pride only within your heart.
Patrick M.J. Finerty: There will be no record of your name,
no one will know of your bravery.
Rob Riggle: Absolutely sir.
Rob Riggle: Discretion assured.
Rob Riggle: I fucking shot
Bin Laden!
Rob Riggle: You got any specials for - I don't know,
Rob Riggle: say a guy who just shot Osama Bin Laden?
(people cheering)
Rob Riggle: Coming in hard right?
Rob Riggle: Yanking and banking the whole way.
(people cheering)
Rob Riggle: We [unintelligible] full
compound, we jump out.
Rob Riggle: Bin Laden, Bin Laden, get
your fucking ass out here!
Rob Riggle: Do I know you?
Rob Riggle: I shot Osama Bin Laden.
Rob Riggle: Who shot Bin Laden?
People: You shot Bin Laden!
Rob Riggle: Who shot bin Laden?
Rob Riggle: I go, "Osama Bin Laden!"
Rob Riggle: And he goes, "Who's asking?"
Rob Riggle: I'm like, "U.S. of A mother fucker."
Rob Riggle: Bam!
(people cheering)
All: I shot Bin Laden, who shot Bin Laden.
Rob Riggle: Ben Franklin, suck my balls!
Rob Riggle: I want to be on the hot dog bitch!
Patrick M.J. Finerty: Lieutenant we're having a
volleyball tourney on the base
Patrick M.J. Finerty: and I - you haven't mentioned
anything about that thing
Patrick M.J. Finerty: we talked about earlier, have you?
Patrick M.J. Finerty: That thing of the utmost discretion.
Marisa DeVonish: Shut the fuck up, grandpa. Do you know who this is?
Rob Riggle: Shush-shush-shh.
Marisa DeVonish: Everybody up in here, knows
that he's the guy that shot Bin Laden.
Rob Riggle: I guess.
(typewriter sound)
(music continues)