Finally, the Navy Seal member of Seal Team 6 who took the fatal shot that killed... more »
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring: Rob Riggle
Featuring: Patrick Finerty, Tess Kartel, Marisa DeVonish and Rachel Zake
Written by Chris Henchy
Directed by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Director of Photography - Kevin Atkinson
Assistant Camera - Gabe Diniz
Gaffer- Jay Guffey
Best Boy Electrician- Justin Hernandez
Key Grip- Corrin Hodgeson
Driving Grip - Ron M Wilson
Production Designer- Geoff Alderete
Wardrobe Supervisor- Anna Tibboel
Sound- BoTown Sound
Assistant Director - Tim Ketchersid
Production Assistants - Alistair Walford, Caitlin Smith, Luis Sanchez
Edited by Charles Ingram & Nick Corirossi
Produced by Sean Boyle
Executive Producer - Mike Farah
Special thanks to the Burbank Moose Lodge
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Published May 10, 2011

(theme music)
Male: Lieutenant this award is
for your service in Abbottabad.
To have shot Bin Laden
and led that mission.
You define the term, American hero.
Lieutenant: Thank you sir!
Male: You must never tell anyone.
Your action that day
must remain anonymous.
Your medal hidden, your
pride only within your heart.
There will be no record of your name,
no one will know of your bravery.
Lieutenant: Absolutely sir.
Discretion assured.
I fucking shot Bin Laden!
You got any specials for - I don't know,
say a guy who just shot Osama Bin Laden?
(people cheering)
Coming in hard right?
Yanking and banking the whole way.
(people cheering)
We [unintelligible] full
compound, we jump out.
Bin Laden, Bin Laden, get
your fucking ass out here!
Male: Who are you?
Lieutenant: I shot Osama Bin Laden.
Who shot Bin Laden?
People: You shot Bin Laden!
Lieutenant: Who shot bin Laden?
I go, "Osama Bin Laden!"
And he goes, "Who's asking?"
I'm like, "You are
surveyed mother fucker."
(people cheering)
All: I shot Bin Laden, who shot Bin Laden.
Lieutenant: Ben Franklin, suck my balls!
I want to be on the hot dog bitch!
Male: Lieutenant we're having a
volleyball [turning] on the base
and I - you haven't mentioned
anything about that thing
we talked about earlier, have you?
That thing of the utmost discretion.
Female: Shut the fuck up, grandpa.
Lieutenant: Shush-shush-shh.
Female: Everybody apprehend, knows
that his the guy who shot Bin Laden.
Lieutenant: I guess.