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Starring Jason Segel, Paul Rudd & Rush


Male Voice: (whispers) Exclusive.
[Music Playing]
[Crowd Cheering]
Geddy Lee: Thank you so much!
[Crowd Cheering]
[Door Opens]
Jason Segel: Oh ho ho! Yeah!
Paul Rudd: Oh my God!
Jason Segel: I told you, man!
Jason Segel: Dude, can we just talk
about something?
Paul Rudd: Hmm?
Jason Segel: How amazing is Rush?!
Paul Rudd: Um, excuse me, how
amazing is Rush?
Jason Segel: Amazing.
Paul Rudd: Amazing.
Jason Segel: Amazing.
Paul Rudd: I was like, oh, my, God.
Red Barchetta?
Jason Segel: Come on.
Paul Rudd: How does Geddy still hit
those high notes?
Jason Segel: The voice of
an angel.
Paul Rudd: I swear to God, he must
drink a lot of tea.
Jason Segel: Toads.
Paul Rudd: Hey, do you think it's cool
to be in here?
Paul Rudd: We're the only ones.
Jason Segel: Hey, all access passes.
That means we can go anywhere.
Paul Rudd: Maybe it was a mistake to
bring The Doobladay.
Jason Segel: Are you kidding me?
Once they sign that, that's
Jason Segel: gonna be a memento for the
rest of your life.
Paul Rudd: Dude, we are in Rush's
green room.
Jason Segel: [High Pitched] No kidding!
Jason Segel: [Normal Tone] Happy
birthday, hombre.
[Glasses Clink]
Paul Rudd: Thank you, my brojun.
You know, tickets to Rush and
Paul Rudd: backstage passes, best gift
Jason Segel: Dude, pfft. You're
worth it.
Jason Segel: [Funny Accent] Uh oh, I'm
going to eat you, sandwich.
Paul Rudd: Hey, that says for Neil
only, I wouldn't eat that.
Jason Segel: That sign is for like,
roadies and stuff.
Jason Segel: Okay? And besides, the Holy
Trinity, they're guys just
Jason Segel: like us. Except they're
also the greatest musicians
Jason Segel: in the history of the
Geddy Lee: I saw four in the
Alex Lifeson: Yeah. I had three in the
front row.
Neil Peart: Seven females at
a Rush concert.
Neil Peart: Must be some kind of
a world record.
Neil Peart: Whoa!
Geddy Lee: Hey, who are you guys?
[Door Shuts]
Paul Rudd: We, uh, had the lamb. The,
uh, lamb, I'm sorry, we
Paul Rudd: have the laminates. Cause
we thought it was okay to,
Paul Rudd: to just come in here, but we can totally
get out of your hair if you need us to.
Jason Segel: No, we're fine,
we're fine. It's fine.
Jason Segel: Hi, guys. Hello. How do you do?
My name is Sydney Fife,
Jason Segel: and this is, uh, my man
Peter Klaven.
Paul Rudd: Hello.
Jason Segel: And, we are just the
biggest Rush fans in the
Jason Segel: history of the
planet Earth.
Paul Rudd: The biggest.
Geddy Lee: Right.
Neil Peart: I get it.
Jason Segel: Cause we ran Doogie's Rush
Jam sessions in The Man Cave.
Neil Peart: Your what?
Jason Segel: Oh, that's my garage.
I'm sorry. Um, you guys should
Jason Segel: totally come and hang
out some time.
Jason Segel: It's just like guys
being guys.
Jason Segel: We just jam out, we hang
out, um, I have a jerk off station.
Paul Rudd: You know, the first, uh,
uh, song that we ever, uh,
Paul Rudd: jammed out to, it was, uh,
Tom Soyee, and, uh, you
Paul Rudd: know, we couldn't do the
drums, no one can do the
Paul Rudd: drums like you, but we did
uh, it was like,
Paul Rudd: uh, Dun na na na na,
[Mouth Drumming Sounds],
Paul Rudd: Da na na na,
[Mouth Drumming Sounds],
Paul Rudd: da na na na,
[Mouth Drumming Sounds]
Paul Rudd: [Singing Off Key] And I was
banging it up.
Geddy Lee: What did you call
that song?
Paul Rudd: Oh, you know it's Tom, it's
called Tom Sawyer, but I
Paul Rudd: love it in the, in the song
when you go...
Paul Rudd: ♪ You're a modern day-
warrior, mean, mean stride. ♪
Paul Rudd: ♪ Today's Tom Soyee, mean,
mean pride. ♪
Geddy Lee: I don't think I say
it like that.
Alex Lifeson: Nah, I'm pretty sure you
say Tom Sawyer.
Neil Peart: Hey! Is that my
Paul Rudd: Syd, I told you not to eat
Mister Peart's sandwich!
Neil Peart: It's just Peart.
Jason Segel: You sure that it's
not Peart?
Geddy Lee: I think he
would know.
Paul Rudd: Are you sure? Cause we're
pretty big fans.
Geddy Lee: Chill man.
Alex Lifeson: Chill man.
Geddy Lee: Look guys, it's been
a long night.
Paul Rudd: Oh, to-, to-, tote. Magote.
Uh, we're, I just gotta
Paul Rudd: say, though, that, uh,
before I go, that was such
Paul Rudd: a sweet ass set. The, I
was, I was like, I was,
Paul Rudd: oomph, freak, freaking out.
And the whole moving pace.
Paul Rudd: Right? And, and then, with
the, when you were, when
Paul Rudd: you were playing the drums,
is, is that, is that hard?
Neil Peart: Yes, it's hard.
Geddy Lee: Guys, you gotta go now.
All right? Now.
Paul Rudd: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jason Segel: No. No, no no.
Paul Rudd: Yeah, let's get out of
their hair.
Jason Segel: No! Hold on! Guys, listen,
it's my friend's birthday today.
Jason Segel: So, I got him tickets to
your concert, which were
Jason Segel: not cheap, by the way.
We grew our show beards, just
Jason Segel: for you! So, the least you
could do is sign my
Jason Segel: friend's nine string.
Geddy Lee: You got a double neck?
Do you know how to play that thing?
Paul Rudd: Well, uh, well not, not
nearly as, as good as you,
Paul Rudd: but, uh, I, uh, I, I, have,
uh, been known to, uh,
Paul Rudd: slappa da bass, uh,
big time.
Neil Peart: Why is he talking like a
leprechaun? [Laughs]
Paul Rudd: Everybody says that. No,
it's my, it's like a
Paul Rudd: Caribbean, it's my
Rasta guy.
Paul Rudd: It's like I got da
bass in me.
Alex Lifeson: Hey, can I check your
laminate there, dude?
Jason Segel: Wow. It's legit there,
leaflet. It's all access.
Alex Lifeson: Hey Dirk, check this out.
Is this a fake or what?
Geddy Lee: Three season access?
Come on.
Paul Rudd: You told me your buddy
Ethan worked at the record label.
Jason Segel: My buddy Ethan works
at Kinko's.
Neil Peart: I'm gonna get someone to
come down here and kick
Neil Peart: your ass unless you get
out of here, now.
Jason Segel: I think that we understand
when we're not wanted.
Neil Peart: Finally!
Jason Segel: Thank you for
the sandwich.
Paul Rudd: No! Leave it!
Geddy Lee: Go, guys!
Jason Segel: I've already taken
a bite!
Paul Rudd: So sorry, Rush.
Jason Segel: There's no Dirk
in Rush.
Paul Rudd: That's a nickname!
Like Jobin. Go!
Jason Segel: Who carries around
a walkie talkie?
Paul Rudd: Sorry, Rush.
[Door Shuts]
Paul Rudd: Why?! Why did you fake
the laminates?
Jason Segel: I'm sorry, okay?
I really am.
Jason Segel: I just, I wanted your
birthday to be special.
Paul Rudd: I know, but now Rush
thinks we're idiots.
Geddy Lee: Hey, Peter! You forgot
Geddy Lee: Happy birthday, man.
You keep
Geddy Lee: [Funny Accent]
slappin' that bass.
Paul Rudd: [Whispering] He said
slappin' da bass.
Paul Rudd: Oh my God. They signed it!
They all signed it!
Paul Rudd: Oh my God! Oh my God, I
think we made a real
Paul Rudd: impression on those
Jason Segel: Of course they signed it,
what did I tell you?
Jason Segel: Peter, The Holy
Triumvirate, they're
Jason Segel: regular guys just
like us.
Paul Rudd: [Heavy Breathing]
Paul Rudd: Rad!