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July 24, 2012


mom antonigames :
hello antonigames. what do you has watching
in david cook on youtube. this about this me?.

antonigames has 90 years old :
i can't something this find in the david cook.
in north america that this about has watching.

antonigames has 90 years old :
television. do you has this watching grand final
indonesian idol this regina win champion in indonesian
idol this today and present.

mom antonigames:
what do you regina has concert in david cook.
in indonesia idol for concert in indoor sendayan.
has see look do you find in the david cook?.

antonigames has 90 years old :
okay. you something has antonigames and some
antoni kid and. antonigames go to the airport. do
you find in the david cook. tomorrow.

mom antonigames:
yes. you antonigames and some kids. tomorrow.
has go to airport. has borrow bag and tourist. has
go to jakarta. in find david cook. do you understand?.

antonigames has 90 years old:
understand. okay and friends and kids.
do you go to the jakarta. you find in david cook.
in american idol. let's go to sleep!.