Are you ready to get punched in the face with fitness? Then step into the fires of the Ab Lab, with the Absmith and prepare to be Abdominated.

The modern and FUNCTIONAL version of the ever-popular non-functional bench press - the ABDOMINABLE snowman.

Roll out onto the exercise ball until just your shoulder blades and traps are resting on the ball.

Make sure to keep your hips up and keep your core parallel to the floor.

Have a partner place the weight on your abdominals / hips and make sure to NOT dip your hips while you perform the dumbbell press.

Another benefit apart from working your core, this is also very low impact on the shoulder joints.

Be sure not to bounce too much when heading back up with the weights and you'l be leaving the other gym junkies out in the cold while you enjoy the benefits of the abdominable snowman.