Two guys barbeque-ing enjoy quiet conversation about their manstuff and the uncomfortable feeling they get from wearing pants.

Full Credits

Terry Ayrault as Dick
Jamie McCarthy as Peter
Tom Gurisko as Director

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August 12, 2010


MAN 1: What’s a matter, Peter?
MAN 2: I dunno, Dick, sometimes I get that, “not so fresh” feeling, you know…down there?
MAN 1: Oh, you mean funky junk? Don’t fret, Peter. We all get it.
MAN 2: So, what do you do about it, Dick?
MAN 1: Well, Peter, when my manstuff needs a refresher, I use new Fresh Balls.
MAN 2: Fresh Balls?
MAN 1: Sure. Here, let me show you.
Say these two pink balls are yours in this bag.
They can get tossed and jostled all day. That can cause friction and perspiration.
Fresh Balls goes on like a lotion, then turns into a silky talc that keeps your little guys feeling fresh and clean all day.
MAN 2: Wow! I’m gonna order Fresh Balls right away, Dick!
MAN 1: No need Peter. I got that tube for you. And your man business.
SINGER: Fresh Balls!