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Published: March 24, 2016

Female Narrator:
Ahhh, North Carolina.
Home of beaches, mountains
and an extremely
homophobic governor.
Now, you can experience the
beautiful outdoors, cityscapes and
incredible ignorance by hang
gliding backwards in time,
racing to the wrong side
of history in a kayak,
teaching your children to
judge others while
frolicking in the waves, and
enjoying our waterfalls
without fear of gay people
falling on you.
If you are grossed out when same
sex couple order wedding cakes,
or if you're obsessed with
who is in what bathroom,
or if you think religious liberty
laws only apply to your religion,
North Carolina is
for you.
We're resisting
social progress,
rather than helping
people in need,
because North Carolina
stands for Nobody Cares.