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Full Credits

Starring - Emma Roberts, Joe Manganiello, Brian Huskey and Ray Wise
Featuring - Jennie Pierson, Nick Corirossi, Natalie Hoy and Linda Tan
Concept by - Jake Syzmanski
Written by Seth Morris
Director of Photography - Kevin Atkinson
Directors/Editors: Matt Villines & Oz Rodriguez
A Cam 1st AC - Gabe Diniz
B Camera Operator - Geraldo Madrozo
B Cam 1st AC - Ryan Guzdial
2nd AC - Barron Norris
Digital Imaging Technician - Brian Lane
Gaffer - Jay Guffey
Best Boy Electric -Josh Coffman
Electrician - Mike Asinger
Key Grip - Kyle Honnig
Grip- Hector Villareal
Rigging Grip - Dwight Stone
Assistant Director - Shadie Elnashai
2nd AD - Matt Mazany
Set Photographer - Tiffany Roohani
Production Designer - Rachael Ferrara
Art Director - Katie Byron
Art Lead - Alexi Gomez
Costume Designer - Janicza Bravo
Wardrobe Stylist- Iris Bainum-Houle
Hair and Make Up- Kat Bardot
Hair and Make Up Asst - Jaq Schmitz
Sound - BoTown Sound/Steve Pallow
Stunts - Lauren Palmigiano
Production Coordinator - Saba Zerehi
Production Assistants - Andrew Grissom, Charles Mattingly, Hannah Yi, Anne Hirschmann, Seth Farley, and Tony Swansey
Produced by Michelle Fox and Sean Boyle
Executive Producer - Mike Farah
Special Thanks - Lauryn Kahn


(suspense music)
Voiceover: She's one of
the investigators I have.
Voiceover: But?
Female: Shit.
Male: She's different.
Male: In what way?
(suspense music)
Male: In every way.
Female: I have to go
into this stupid meeting.
Do me a favor, go on Facebook,
tell me if I hooked up
with anyone last night?
Something wrong with my report?
Male: Is there anything you
[show] us not to include?
I have the [yeger] shit's
law who's writing it.
(suspense music)
Male: Everybody gets the
shit's from [yegameister].
She can be a little routy,
a little loosey goosey.
Female: She's being a bitch.
Just because I hooked up with
her boyfriend last weekend
in the bathroom at Club Hard On.
Male: Ohh, shit.
Male: Is there possible anyone else?
Male: I could do it by my lower back is -
Male: I need you to help
me catch a killer for me.
Female: Can you pay me in lottery tickets?
Male: Okay.
I'm sorry, who ... is he -
Female: Get out!
Male: You will be investigating -
(text beep)
the most detestable collection of people.
Female: I know right.
(text beep)
Male: This is Harriett, someone
in the family murdered Harriett.
For the past 40 years they've
been trying to drive me insane.
Female: That sucks.
Are you rich?
(suspense music)
Male: Don't you need to look at this?
Female: I got it.
Male: You sure?
Female: I have a photogenic memory dude.
It's about zero's right?
So hang over.
Male: How are we suppose to find something
they haven't been able
to find for 40 years?
Female: I feel like nauseous.
Oh my god.
Male: Oh god.
(suspense music)
Male: Those are from her.
The rest are from her killer.
(frames falling off)
Female: My bad.
(up beat music)