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January 04, 2017


Billy Eichner: Hey guys, it's Billy.
Billy Eichner: You know, the TV show Bones is about to
end its run after 12 triumphant seasons.
Billy Eichner: So we're about to hit the streets for
a segment called, A Farewell to Bones,
Billy Eichner: where New Yorkers will finally get
the chance to say goodbye
Billy Eichner: to this groundbreaking show,
Bones. Let's go.
- Sir, Bones is ending.
- Excuse me?
- Bones.
- Bones. What about it?
- The show.
- Really?
- It's ending after 11 years.
- I'm sorry to hear that, man.
- I liked Bones, man.
- ...those Bones were so good.
- Yeah, they was man.
- Yeah, what was your favorite Bone?
I only liked it, because of Angel.
He was from Angel with Charmed.
- Yeah. David Boreanaz.
- Yeah. Bore-- Yeah.
- You didn't like anything else about it?
- No, not really.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- It was a great show.
- It was a great show,
but you seen one CIS show,
you've seen them all.
Billy Eichner: That's not-- No,
that's not a CSI show. Its Bones.
Yeah, but it's about
dead people and trying to--
Billy Eichner: Excuse me. No, it was a
very different take, a different angle.
- It was?
- Yeah.
- Oh. My bad Bones.
- [sighs]
Billy Eichner: Sir, for a bone, what are you
going to miss about the show Bones?
- Bones?
- Yeah.
- I have no idea what that is.
- Bones has been on for like 11 years.
- I'm sorry. Yes.
- Really?
- What do you watch?
- Um... I watch Survivor.
- I watch, uh... Breaking Bad.
- Still? That's over.
- Yeah, but I watch it occasionally, and--
- OK.
- What else do I watch...
- You still watch Survivor?
I've only missed two seasons.
- Why'd you miss those two?
- September 11th.
Billy Eichner: Not an excuse!
- Miss, Bones is ending.
- What? Bones?
- The Bones show right?
- The Bones show is ending.
- It's ending? Noo.
- Yes. I swear.
Oh, come on.
All my shows are ending. I hate that.
I love this show.
What can we do to keep it on?
Billy Eichner: Nothing, I mean they've done like 12 seasons.
I think they're done.
I think they're done,
but I love the show. It's like--
Billy Eichner: What's your fav-- For a bone,
what was your favorite part of Bones?
- Uh... Booth and and Bones obviously.
- Yeah, obviously the Bones.
Yeah. And I just like
the way they interacted.
- Yeah.
- She could drive anybody up the wall,
because he doesn't
understand feelings, I think--
- Exactly.
- We do. And... but uh, I loved it,
- and I'm so sad that it's ending.
- Me too.
Billy Eichner: How will you fill the void
now that Bones is over?
I gotta go look for new shows.
Billy Eichner: Ugh. That's gonna be hard
to get something as good as Bones.
...that I like. I mean I watch
[indistinct show name],
- but they're going off the air to.
- It wasn't as good as Bones.
- Wasn't as... Well... I don't know--
- Excuse me?
- Bones was better--
- Yes it was! Bones was better!
Bones was better, I agree.
Billy Eichner: Yeah, when that Bones finale airs,
I'm gonna be such a mess.
- When's the Bones finale?
- It's coming up this year.
Uh... I'm going to miss
it very very much, and
I don't think they're ever gonna find
another show like that again.
Billy Eichner: I agree. There will never
be a show like Bones!
OK. Does he get to get out of the
wheelchair by the end of the season?
Billy Eichner: I don't know. Here,
just take this bone.
Billy Eichner: Take this bone. Thank you.
- Sir, will there ever be another Bones?
- I don't think so.
Billy Eichner: I agree.
- Miss, say goodbye to Bones.
- Goodbye Bones.
Billy Eichner: Bye.
Will you miss Bones?
- No.
- Ugh!
- Sir, did Bones open the door for anything?
- Not that I'm aware.
Billy Eichner: Ugh!
Miss, did Bones go off the rails?
- Sorry?
- Bones.
- What about it?
- Did it go off the rails?
Billy Eichner: Miss, for a bone, what are you
gonna miss about the show Bones?
- [giggles] Dead Bones.
- Yes, yes.
Billy Eichner: There you go. Thank you.
Billy Eichner: We are all-- We're gonna
miss the Bones, most of all.
Billy Eichner: Sir for a dollar, we're singing a song
to the cast of Bones to pay tribute to them.
Billy Eichner: Please join me in singing. Here we go.
♪ The hip bones connected to the... back bone
♪ The back bones connected to the neck bone--
♪ Neck bones
♪ Connected to the--
- Hip.
- Headbone.
♪ Headbone
Now shake them skeleton bones
Next verse.
♪ The finger bones
♪ Connected to the hand bone
♪ The hand bones connected to the arm--
♪ Arm bone
♪The arm bones connected to the shoulder bone
♪ Now shake them skeleton bones
You take the next verse.
♪ Them bones them bones
gonna walk around
- ♪ Them bones, them bones ♪
- [Billy] Hip-hop
♪ Gonna walk around--
- [Billy] Hip-hop
♪ Them bones, them bones
gonna walk around
♪ Now shake them skeleton bones ♪
Billy Eichner: There you go. Thank you.
Billy Eichner: Goodbye Bones.
[theme music]