Rob Corddry preps his friends when he recognizes a one-night stand across the bar.

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Rob Corddry
Dave Theune
Johnny Meeks
Nate Shelkey
Alexandra Siegel
Bar Patrons
Keely Kathleen Williams
Amanda Dobos
Florence Mae Mon
Ryan Budds
Brooke Mulkins
Steve Phelan
Jeff Harms
Megan Morrice
Charles Beale
Writer/Director - Alan Tanner
Producer - Jason Carden
Producer - Sean Dacanay
1st AD - Sean Dacanay
Production Coordinator - David Ferrier
DP - Matt Sweeney
1st AC - Michael Lincoln
Key Grip - Jen Cohen
Grip - Nick Lundstrom
Gaffer - Mike Blevins
Electric - Artur Gubin
Swing - Kenny Bauer
Art - Brad Salo
Hair/Makeup - Jen Osborne
Sound - Mike Robertson
PA - Ben Parks
PA - Adam Jacobs
Editor - Alan Tanner
Graphics - Shawn James
Music - Devin Davis

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July 06, 2015


Johnny Meeks: Yeah. That was my right hand.
Dave Theune: You're left handed?

> Nope, and that's why I
was able to crush it so easily.

> Oh.

> My ex-wife taught me how to do that.

> Clearly.

> I do it all the time.

> You do?

> Yeah.

> I need to hang out with you more.
Rob Corrdry: Ah, shit.
Nate Shelkey: W-what's going on?

> (stammers) D-don't. Don't.
Alright guys, listen up. There's this girl that I slept with
a few weeks ago, and it might've involved you guys in a couple
of the excuses I used to get out of seeing her again.
She's on her way over here right now, so there's not a lot of time.

> For what?

> We got to get our story straight.
Tom, on Tuesday I had lunch with you and your mom at the Last
Resort Grill in Pasadena. Dave, on Friday I helped you get rid of a
family of possums that were living in your attic.

> Possums? Got it.

> Possums?

> And Mike, Mike...

> You put an O in front of that?

> Oh, I had to pick you
up in Santa Monica, because you locked your keys in your car.

> We did have one trip with my mom on Tuesday. That'll be easy.

> There's more. Dave, on Wednesday night we had a book
club meeting at Page Turners on Dodge.

> What book?

> Count of Monte Cristo.

> Saw the movie.

> Todd, on the 14th, me, you, and your nephew we sold churros spring carnival.
And Mike, remember last Saturday when we shot guns, and got
massages? Well, I really drove you to the airport, because
you had to visit your sick Gam-Gam in the hospital.

> Oh no,
is she okay?

> No, she died of
atrophic polychondritis. It's a multi-systemic condition characterized
by the deterioration of cartilage. We went to her funeral in San Jose on Sunday.
It was lovely, but it was a little long.

> Poor Gam-Gam.

> There's no Gam-Gam.

> Well we did sell churros at the spring carnival.

> Focus, last Saturday I went to your place. We replaced the alternator in your car,
we drank homemade Kahlua.

> You should not be drinking.
I'm helping you train for a triathlon.

> Got it bro.
I'm going to win this one for Gam-Gam.

> Mike, you've been in a horrible, horrible accident
at the shoe horn factory where you work. I visit you in the
hospital on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.

> Alright, but it doesn't look like I was in a horrible...
Ah, Jesus Christ.

> I'm going to win this one for Gam-Gam.

> What's wrong with you?

> Time is of the essence.
On Friday we attended a reception at NASA to honor Dave's achievements
for the Hubble telescope. Mike, the little league baseball team we
call manage won the championship on the 10th. Todd, you're gay.

> Again, we did go...wait, what?

> Oh, and listen up,
because this involves all of you, we are apart of a civil war
reenactment troop on Saturday we will be fighting the battle of
the Pacheco Pass.

> The blood is in my eye now.

> The main thing you need understand about a telescope is they
allow you to see things that are really far away.

> There's no time! On the 17th, we drove to Canada to retrieve
and inheritance left to you by your estranged Uncle Dimitrius Chatterworth...

> Gay? I have a girlfriend.

> I'm going into shock.

> This is something people do right?

> Perfectly fine, to be gay.

> I was inside of the Pyramid of Khufu,
and we were challenged to a fight by a one armed man, a [Inaudible] sheik,
and a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

> Alright, this is
it guys. Pull it together ok. Focus up. Here we go.
>>Am I going to be disfigured?

> And I need you to shave that mustache.

> Hey...ah, that's not her. That's totally not her.

> Hey guys, I'm gay.