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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Team Leader/Producer/Director
Coree Spencer
2nd unit directors
Jay Cornelius / Jason Tait / Bethany Jones
The Candyman – Todd Robinson
Gustav Plopp – Dylan Hillerman
Velveeta Johnson – Dawn Wagner
Tweeker extra – Brian Mazzola
News Anchor – Lucila Epple
Charlie – Coree Spencer
Crystal – Bethany Jones
Brian Merryweather – Greg Bigoni
Loompas - Bethany Jones x 3
Written by – Coree Spencer, Bethany Jones, Greg Bigoni.
Director of photography – Jay Cornelius
Additional camera – Jason Tait
Editor – Coree Spencer
Additional editor – Lucila Epple
Special effects editor – Joe Shrum, Lucila Epple.
Lighting – Jay Cornelius
Makeup – Lucila Epple, Coree Spencer.
Hair – Lucila Epple
Mysic lyrics – Amoree Lovell, Coree Spencer, Bethany Jones, Dylan Hillerman, Greg Bigoni
Music Score – Amoree Lovell
Props/Costumes/set dress – Lucila Epple, Dawn Wagner, Bethany Jones
Production assistants – Lucila Epple, Bethany Jones, Amoree Lovell, Dawn Wagner, Joe Shrum
Sound – Brian Mazzola
Post Sound – Coree Spencer
Meth researchers – Greg Bigoni, Dylan Hillerman, Lucila Epple, Amoree Lovell.
Catering – Lucila Epple
Graphic Design – Dylan Hillerman
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