Poor Adam West...I mean...Batman is BROKE!

Full Credits

Written and Directed by: Eric Appel
Starring: Adam West, Jean Villepique, Brendan Hunt, Allan McLeod and Charlie Sanders.
Produced by: Mike Farah
DP: Christian Sprenger
Camera Operator: Brad Schulz


- [Narrator] Exclusive.
(upbeat surf music)
- Well, that batarang was used to save Robin
from the Count of Conundrums and the River Rat Gang.
Hi, folks.
Just come in, look around here.
- You're Adam West, right?
- That is correct.
- Wow.
What are you doing selling all this old Batman stuff?
- Well, earlier this year,
Batman succumbed to the evil perils of Bernie Madoff,
so he's a little strapped for cash right now.
- Hey, uh, how much for this bat communicator thing?
- $1,000.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Well, that bat communicator was used
to eject King Tut from the Batmobile
when he discovered the bat beam button.
He could have destroyed the world.
- I'll give you 20 bucks for it.
- Sold.
- All right.
- Batman is $15 closer to another night at the Ramada Inn.
- What are these?
- Those would be bat socks.
- They just look like normal socks.
- Batman wore those socks.
- Whatever.
- Uh, sir, uh, did I ever tell you...
Did I ever tell you about the time
Don Robins was kidnapped by the Penguin?
- Why?
- Well, if you'll take me to Arby's
for a big beef and cheddar,
I'll tell you that and maybe a thousand other stories.
- We're not taking you to Arby's.
Look, what are you doing?
Why don't you just admit that
you lost your money in the ponzi scheme?
- Yeah, everyone knows that Batman isn't a real person.
- That sounds like something the Riddler would say.
- We're not with the Riddler.
You're embarrassing yourself.
- Are you pretending to be asleep right now?
- You shook your head no while you were sleeping.
People can't do that if they're sleeping.
- [Narrator] Will this couple actually buy anything?
Did this socks really belong to Batman?
Will Adam West ever make it to Arby's?
Find out the answers to these and other questions
right now.
- Mm-mm!
Delicious beef and cheddar!
Better than hot water and ketchup, right, Batman?