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September 02, 2010



Sometimes the boss can be a thorn in your side
The nightmare still there when you open your eyes
Got to keep coming back cuz you need the money
But wishing you could say; I quit honey

Got a boss with a short man mentality
No matter how hard you work
You will never please
Or the Tazmanian Devil who needs to get laid
The author of confusion got you trapped in a maze

Or the boss who over uses profanity
Cuz he's out of ideas, he's got a heart of steel
And the crabby supervisor always picking a fight
Got you grinding your teeth and you can't sleep at night

Well he calls his ways a prerequsite
Of a good boss, well that's a crock-of-craziness
Let me thank you for every thing that I learned
Now here's a chair for you to watch the tables turn

Well the feet you decide to step on today
Could be the biggest price you'll ever pay
Could be the me tail you'll have to turn around and kiss tomorrow
Just know that life changes from hour to hou

Thank you hater for hating me
And for the gift you gave that lemon tree
Cuz when the lemons riped I made the sweetest lemonade
And thanks to you now I'm getting paid

Thank you hater mmm mmm
Thank you hater mmm mmm
Thank you thank you hater I don't think I can thank you enough
mmm mmm mmm mmm

Well, thank you for being so anal
and always trying to make my life so miserable
Cause if it wasn't for you and your messed up measures
I wouldn't have had the strength to find my hidden treasure

Just think mmm if it wasn't for you
I'd be stuck in misery without a clue
And if it wasn't for you, every single weekday
I wouldn't have known the peace of not having to see your face

Thanks for helping with my life time wish
To show apprecation, here's a backside kick
And let me thank you for helping me climb so high
Yet you're still where you are, never satisfied

I pity your undying need
To put others down it's wrong, don't you see
Well you're better than all of us, is what you preceive
But you're just a lost cause trying to deceive

To all the ontime hardworkers always there
When the boss arrives wirh a brutal stare
To every mom and dad, every boy and girl
Well, you got what it takes, go make your mark in this world

And forget the bitter taste of the lemons you were given
Yeah Yeah
Just add some sugar and add some spice so you can start a living
Yeah Yeah

Well you can keep on laying in your misery
I refuse to be your company; and now that I'm free
It's time to shine, block out the negativity
I'm in the middle of my climb and I'm gon' reach the peak

I say now
Thank you hater for hating me
And for the gift you gave that lemon tree
Cuz lemons riped I made the sweetest lemonade
Just look up at me now, there's nothing more to be said