The ladies get drunk on yard chards and discuss bad boys.

Full Credits

Starring Juliet Seniff, Betsy Sodaro, Ally Hord, Marissa Strickland, Allyn Rachel & Jacob Guenther
Written by Juliet Seniff
Director: Rachel Goldenberg
Editor: Chris Poole
Producers: Juliet Seniff, Rachel Goldenberg
DP: Adam Silver
AC: Mikey Jechort
1st AD: Becca Scheur
Sound: Alex Hutchinson
PA: Alexx Spada


(group yells in unison)
->To one more year of friends.One more year!Just One.If you're going to walk around with an ugly baby.What's it like living alone?I cry a lot.Am I too fat to go to Japan?Do you guys know that I'm allergic to feathers?I am loving your red pants Cass.Thanks! I'm on my period.Yoo Hoo!Hi!Hi there!Ugh, I'm sorry I'm late.What are we drinking?Grab a yard Chard!Oh!It's about 24 glasses of wine.Mine's 56.Well sign me up and call me a cab.Wait. Like right now?She means later.(Whispers) Oh I'm sorryHey! That waiter's really cute over there.Oh no he's not my type.I wanna date an intern.Ya know? They're on their way up.I would love to date a blind man.I wanna date one of those goblins, like from the CW show.Gobblin' up my pussy!Okay confession.(Gasp)I Love...bad boys.Wait, what kind of bad boy?He's a burglar!He broke into my house two weeks ago.Holy Shit!Are you okay?To be honest, I was freaked out at first.YeahBut then I was like wait, he's hot.Ooh!That's hot.So anyway, I was like, what are you doing later?Way to put yourself out there.Brooke!(Laughing) I love Identity Thief!(Gasp)Jason Batman is hilarious.You know what else is a great movie?Why do you have crutches?I just woke up the other morning and my leg was gone.Fuck!Gross.Brooke!Classic bad boy.That's what I get!So ... you know that half of my sandwichKathy!I totally didn't eat it.You made it sound like you ate it.Oh my lord you guys!I'm so hungry, I wish I ate it.That's so funny!I'm so hungry!It's so fucking funny!