The actors are shorter, but the words all come from the candidates themselves.

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Donald Trump: George Yawakim


Jake Tapper: Welcome to CNN's Republican
Presidential Debate.
I'd like each candidate to
introduce him or herself.
First Senator Paul.
I spend my days, defending the
I'm a retired, pediatric,
I'm a committed conservative reformer.
I'm at Hewlett Packard.
I'm the best ( inaudible ) that can
fix this country.
I'm Donald Trump.
I think we are in fact the A-Team.
I made sure I brought my own water.
( applause )
First of all, Rand Paul
shouldn't even be on this stage.
He's number 11.
I think woman all over this
country heard very clearly
what Mr. Trump said.
I think she's got a beautiful face.
( applause )
I'm here with my wife, Candy
of 40 years.
My wife Kelly.
My wife.
My wife.
My husband.
My wife.
My wife.
To subject my wife, into a raucous
political conversation
it was completely inappropriate,
and I hope you apologize for that Donald.
I have to tell you, I think
your wife is a lovely woman.
She is.
She's fantastic.
And why don't you apologize
to her right now?
I won't do that.
Let me go to my colleague Dana
Bash who has a question.
Dana Bash: Planned Parenthood.
Woman are not a special
interest group.
I'll take care of woman.
I respect woman.
I defunded Planned Parenthood.
Defund Planned Parenthood.
I defunded Planned Parenthood.
I defunded Planned Parenthood.
A woman gets pregnant, she
walks across the border,
and we take care of the baby?
I don't think so.
I hate to say it, but Donald
Trump has a point.
Lets turn to some issues now
in foreign policy.
This is a country where we
speak English, not Spanish.
Well, I've been speaking in
English here tonight,
and I'll keep speaking English.
Lets move to Russia if we could.
I get along with Vladimir Putin.
I wouldn't talk to him at all.
I'm still upset with the
Saudi Arabians.
Bashar al-Assad.
- Ayatollah Khamenei.
Arab name, Arab name, Arab name.
How Reaganesque exactly are these
We will find out next.
I'm on the Reagan side of this.
Ronald Reagan believed in America.
Ronald Reagan.
( inaudible )
( applause )
So, 40 years ago, I smoked
marijuana, and I admit it.
I'm sure that other people
have done it, and may
not want to say it in front
of 25 million people.
My moms not happy that I just did.
( inaudible )
I'm not against medical
We do it in New Jersey.
Marijuana as a kid,
and smoking today is not the same
as the marijuana that Jeb Bush smoked.
Jake: What woman would you like
to see on the $10 bill?
Ooh, that's a tough one.
That's an easy one.
I would put my wife on there.
I'd put my mother on there.
Uh, Rosa Parks?
Clara Barton?
( inaudible )
The Addams Family.
I wouldn't change the $10 bill.
I would change the 20.
Honestly, it's a gesture.
My daughter, Ivanka, other
than that we'll go with Rosa Parks.
( applause )