Not another pregnancy comedy...

Full Credits

Written by Pat Bishop and Dan Siegel
Edited by Pat Bishop

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Voiceover: (whispering) Exclusive.
(girls yelling)
Bella: I'm sorry, I told
them not to let me play.
Girl in Tshirt: Hey,
you're from Arizona, right?
Aren't people from Arizona supposed
to be really tan? (laughing)
(hip hop music)
(brakes squealing)
Bella: You pushed it away with your hand.
Edward: Nobody's going to believe you.
Bella: I wasn't going to tell anybody.
(pop music)
Edward: Do you want to go for a swim?
What is it?
Bella: I'm late.
I'm glad you got my message.
Girl on Phone: It's
probably just a food baby.
Did you have a big lunch?
Store Clerk: This is one doodle
that can't be undid, home skillet.
(acoustic music)
Dad: You're pregnant?
Who's the father?
Girl in Tshirt: Edward Cullen.
Dad: I didn't think he had it in him.
Girl on Phone: I know, right?
(music continues)
Red-haired Man: The fetus isn't
compatible with your body.
It's too strong and fast-growing.
Girl on Phone: Do you think the baby come
and all scratch your vag on the way out?
(acoustic music)
Ultrasound Tech: And there's your
baby and there are the fangs.
(eerie scream)
Girl on Phone: You could go into
early labor sucking face like that.
Shirtless Man: You
cannot let these monsters
have any part of your
child's life, all right?
I'm going to be there to rear your child.
Man with beard: Don't
let him near your kid,
he wants to rear your child.
Edward: He's not going
to touch her. (growling)
Voiceover: Fox Searchlight
proudly presents
a comedy about life and the
bumps along the way. (rock music)
Edward: Marry me.
(music continues)
(growling and screaming)
Dad: The best thing you can do
is find a person who loves you
for exactly what you are.
(music continues)
Shirtless Man: I'm going
to go sneak a peak,
see if there's anything I can do.
I shouldn't have gone in there.
(music continues)