check out for antonikid and kiddie antonikid has singnig from accoustic parody from... more »
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Published July 11, 2012
hello,. are you. this you my again that me?.
do not eat!. you think my are you that this.
for kids. alok. ahhhhlok... you me... that you
has this what the heck?!. maaah maaah. you
sexy teenage girls. you hate school girls has see.
or me!!!. don't has parents you again. numa numa
kid!. numa numa numa kid!. and for not has bullies
or has for kick. you don't me. let's me again!. don't
are you has football men and cheerleder grils. has
about for teacher. or that has baby and family. eve
you. has not stopped!!!. not mama. and papanya!.....
hello,. are you. this you my again!!!!.

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