Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage "spread" the message that the one thing women really want in their vagina is the government.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer & Andrea Savage & Gavin Pierce
Writer/Director - Andrea Savage
Producer - Alex Richanbach & Lauren Palmigiano
Director of Photography - Jonathan Nicholas
Production Designer - Martin Vallejo
Hair and Makeup - Emily Rae
Kate Beckinsale's Hair - Adriana Trevizo
Kate Beckinsale's Make Up - Molly Stern
Sound - BoTown Sound
Gaffer - Nathan Carballo
1st Assistant Camera - Erin Olesen
PA - Ross Buran
Special Thanks to Matt Jones
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Published May 04, 2012

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Andrea Savage: Oh. I'm a busy woman. With a lot on my plate. And I'm a Republican.

Judy Greer: I need a government that can move with the times. And I am a Republican.

Kate Beckinsale: What do real Republican women want from their government?

Judy Greer: I don't want government in my banks.

Andrea Savage: I don't want government in my classrooms.

Kate Beckinsale: Where do I want government? In my vagina!

Andrea Savage: In my vagina.

Judy Greer: Way, way, deep. Up, up there in my vagina.

Andrea Savage: In my mother's vagina.

Judy Greer: In my daughter's vagina.

Kate Beckinsale: [Sniffles] In my great grandmother's vagina.

Andrea Savage: My right to choose? What about my right to choose to not have a choice?

Kate Beckinsale: Being a woman means having a vagina. But, it doesn't mean we want to have control of it.

Andrea Savage: They're gooshy and they secrete things. Have you ever really looked at it? It looks like an unshaven clown.

Judy Greer: They're actually kind of scary. They're like a black hole. Like a massive black hole that lures thousands of stars into its unrelenting gravitational pull. No, no, n-n-n-no. Not thousand. Just one. Sorry. I messed, I messed that up. It's one star. It lures one star.

Andrea Savage: Joey! You can't have a cookie before dinner. Look, I make big decisions all day. And now the Democrats want me to make even more?

Judy Greer: I could have the government provide access to affordable birth control. Decide when I want to get pregnant, and do tests on the fetus to make sure it's healthy and then have a baby.

Kate Beckinsale: Or, the government could restrict birth control, up my chances of getting pregnant with an unwanted child.

Andrea Savage: Forcing me to have an invasive vaginal ultrasound with no diagnostic purpose.

Judy Greer: Scare me into refusing tests that they say more often than not end in abortion.

Kate Beckinsale: And then have a baby. It's just easier.

Judy Greer: Who are you gonna listen to? Your doctor?

Andrea Savage: Or a Republican?

Kate Beckinsale: Don't you want someone like your dad in your vagina? I do.

Andrea Savage: I do.

Judy Greer: Oh! I'd love to have my dad involved in my vagina!

Andrea Savage: Luckily, during rape and incest, my omnipotent vagina knows it's wrong and secretes a hormone to keep me from getting pregnant. We all win!

Kate Beckinsale: Let the Oval Office take care of your oval office.

Judy Greer: Open up your legs and let the government in.

[Descending Whistle]

Announcer: Paid for by the Real Republican Real Women of Real America.

[Music Playing]


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