Josh thought winning a six hundred dollar on-line bid for a retro bionic man was so cool...until.


"The Six Hundred Dollar Mistake"

Produced by Ed Sabatka

Created by Ed Sabatka

Written by Jeff Vernon

Directed by Jeff Vernon
Edited by Ed Sabatka

Sound by Marilyn Sabatka

Props by Lucas Sabatka



Henry........Jeff Vernan

Josh.........Nathan Sabatks

Mailman V.O. Nick Green

 Music & sound effects were taken from royalty free,
public domain web sites.


he story is a mixture of 60s and 70s style comedy & drama shows involving Bionic men like "Get Smart" and "The Six Million Dollar Man".

 It's a tribute to the Mel Brooks & Buck Henry's character, "Hymie" played by, Dick Gautier, appearing on, "Get Smart" in 1965.

This comedy material provided the inspiration for the players to create comedy that they can add to their own reel.

Nathan Sabatka is a SAG actor who's first comedy work involved playing in a long JC Penney's SIT COM  style commercial at age 8.  He now works on commercials, TV, and film.   This new media short was a great experience for him to work with an experienced comedian.

Jeff Vernon is a very experienced and creative player in theater and in commercials, and who is looking to develop a variety of comedic characters for his reel.

All the family members who helped produce this product are huge fans of comedy TV and has appeared (uncredited roles) on numerous comedy shows like, "My Name is Earl", "Bernie Mac", "Weeds",  and "The New Adventures of Old Christine".