A video of our son Justin Bieber after he left the dentist with a little too much novacaine.

Full Credits

Starring Justin Bieber
Written by Justin Bieber
Directed by Justin Bieber
Edited by Justin Bieber
Created by Justin Bieber
Produced by Justin Bieber
Hair by Bieber
Best Boy: Justin Bieber
Key Grip: J Biebs
Foley Artist: J.D. Bieber


[Justin Bieber "Baby" plays]
Justin Bieber: I feel funny.
Justin Bieber: Is this real life?
Male Voice: Yes this is real life.
Justin Bieber: I feel...I feel crazy.
Justin Bieber: The world is spinning
around me.
Male Voice: Don't touch your
stitches, Justin.
Male Voice: Bieber don't touch your
Justin Bieber: It...it...what's happening?
Male Voice: Bieber! Stop!
Justin Bieber: You have four eyes.
Justin Bieber: I have two fingers.
Justin Bieber: I have three fingers.
Justin Bieber: Is this going to last forever?
Male Voice: Justin, stop it.
Justin Bieber: Ah!