Aasif goes all out to win the local Halloween competition but the neighbors get a little too scared. more »

Full Credits

Aasif Mandvi as Aasif Qu’osby
Sakina Jaffrey as Fatima Qu’osby
Shoba Narayanan as Whitney Qu’osby
Nicky Maindiratta as Bobby Qu’osby
Written by
Aasif Mandvi & Miles Kahn
Co-Executive Producer
Chan D. Booth
Executive Producers
Aasif Mandvi & Miles Kahn
Executive Producer
Lillian LaSalle
Directed by
Miles Kahn
Associate Producer
Chris G. Eleftheriades
Associate Producers
Mik Moore & Miriam Fogelson
Chris & Amanda Wade
Chris Marsh
Casting By
Lois Drabkin
Miles Kahn
Rick Siegel
Camera Operator
Pat Casey
Lawrence Roman
Sage Obrera
Camera Utility
Charlie Metzger
Camera Assistant/Media Mgr
Vince Rappa
Production Manager
Rashi DeStefano
Production Coordinator
Aiden McClellan
First Assistant Director
Jermaine Sumra
Second Assistant Director
Kenny Willams
Sound Mixer
Rob Ellenberg
Boom Operator/Sound Utility
Sonam Grey
Nicola Guarmeri
Best Boy Electric
Sean Li
Kelley Nesper
Peter Vertefeuille
Dylan Kaplowitz
Electric PA
Robert Moxley
Production Designer
Lenny Tso
Production Designer’s Assistant
Nikkiya Burke
Miles Engulf
Set Dresser
Jessica Rogozzino
Lead Carpenter
Allan Haigh
Taylor Browning
Art Assistant
Eric Barrera
Joanna “JoJo” Rodriguez
Wardrobe Stylist
Joanie Pony
Courtney Button
Assistant Wardrobe
Alton Dulaney
Assistant Editor
Katie Ennis
Motion Graphics
Michael Hogan
Title Design
Dave Brubaker
Web Design
Adriel Luis
Theme Song Co Produced and Mixed by
Flavorlab Score
Post Audio and Film Mix by
Greg Arnold for nofat::creative
Publicity Services
BWR Public Relations
Sunshine Sachs
Accounting Services
Stuart Gelwarg & Nicholas Famularo
Altman, Greenfield and Selvaggi
Production Legal
Joshua Sandler & Bianca Grimshaw
Gray Krauss Stratford Sandler Des Rochers LLP
“Just an Ordinary Family”
Performed by
Ken Gold & Lillian LaSalle
Lyrics by
Miles Kahn & David Javerbaum
Music by
Matthew Loren Cohen, Miles Kahn & David Hill
Creative Consultants
Chad Carter
Stuart Miller
Brennan Shroff
Sara Taksler
Production Assistants
Dylan Allred
Mohammad Ali Shan Javid
Alexxis Banschbach
Chris Dale
Valentine Drelon
Youssef Lahlou
Ben Leong
Ian Ludd
Katie Maraghy
Ysef Mars
Rachel Moss
Andrew Nakarni
Lindsay Quella
Brandon Stefanowitz
Jake Wears
Emily Wilson
Special Thanks to:
Kalia Abiade
David Abramovich
Madihha Ahussain
Maynor Alas
Deborah Axt
Lara Bergthold
Bonnie Bernstein
Jeffrey Chassen
Laura D’Abate
Sarah Early
Negin Farsad
Jill Garvey
Bruce Gellman
Michael Goddard
Mark Gordon
Marla Haut
Katharine Henderson
Mahin Ibrahim
Sahar Jahani
Mohammad Ali Shan Javid
Mary Kane
Jill Kaplan
Jennifer King
Norman Lear
Dean Obeidallah
Christina Papadopoulos
Shaifali Puri
Naheed Qureshi
Robert Radack
Suman Raghunathan
Linda Sarsour
Jon Stewart
Nina Shreiber
Anna Strout
Rachel Tiven
Nadia Tonova
Bassema Yousef
We Also Wish to Thank:
APM Music
Atlantic Pictures
Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
The Brennan Center
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
Jews for Racial and Economic Justice (JFREJ)
Mobile Video
MTV’s Look Different Campaign
Shoulder to Shoulder
Halal in the Family was made possible with the incredibly
generous support of these phenomenal organizations:
Center for New Community
ACCESS / National Network for Arab American Communities
Southern Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT)
Auburn Seminary
Ford Foundation, Civil and Human Rights Unit
Unbound Philanthropy
Pillars Foundation
Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic Art’s Building Bridges Program
Muslim Advocates
And the Nearly 500 Awesome People Who Donated on Indiegogo


(Male sings)
We're just an ordinary family,
living in your town (but don't worry)
We like monster trucks and football, even though we're brown (we hate curry)
So welcome to our clan
We promise there's no plan
To change the way you live or how you pray
Because we're just here to obey
(Male Voice): Your various laws, and local ordinances
(Another Male Voice): What are you doing? We're not that kind of Muslims.
(spooky laughter is heard)
(studio audience applause is heard)
Sakina Jaffrey: Aasif, what are you up to?
Nicky Maindiratta: Checking out Mrs. Margolis huh?
Aasif Mandvi: Of course not. She's at work.
I'm checking out the Smith's Halloween decorations. They are really going all
out this year.
Shoba Narayanan: Dad we're never going to win that competition.

> She's right. The Smith's beat the whole neighborhood every year.

> We're never going to get that $100 dollar gift certificate from the
Cheesecake Factory.

> Oh, oh, shoot, here he comes.
(door knocks)

> Howdy neighbors.
Checking out Mrs. Margolis?

> No, I was just...I was just spying on your Halloween decorations.

> Aasif when will you learn? You just don't have the creativity of our family.
(sound of an explosion with a demonic laugh)
Maybe you should just stick to the holidays where all you have to do
is fast.

> Ok, you know what, you wouldn't last one day during the holy month...
Oh is that Snickers?

> Looks like that Cheesecake Factory gift certificate is as good as mine.

> Alright, you win this round Smith.
(sound of an explosion with a witch laughing)
We really have to take him down this year kids.

> We should get some really creepy pumpkins.

> Or how about a mummy that pops out of the closet?

> We have to think of something that no one else can top,
and I have just the idea.

> I'm not sure I like where this is going.

> This is going all the way to a romantic dinner at the Cheesecake Factory.
(you hear a spooky male laugh)

> Dad, I don't know if this is that scary.

> Ok, you're a ghost in a burka. What would scare white people more than that?

> This seems kind of racist.

> Yeah dad, You sure dressing the house like a spooky terrorist training
camp is a good idea?

> What could possibly go wrong?

> The front yard looks like Osama Bin Laden's compound.

> It is a haunted terrorist training camp, ok. People come to the door,
trick or treat, bam, and you jump out, and you're a vampire bellowing goat herder.
(people are outside chanting "No mosque!")

> What's that?

> People are revved up. Let's do this. Get in the closet.
(chants are continuing)

> Oh my word.

> Pretty good huh?

> Aasif, there's a crowd of people outside protesting.

> Oh, they're really scared.

> They're protesting, because they think this is a new mosque that's opened up.

> A mosque? W-why would I build a mosque? I'm not trying to cause any trouble.
This is just a harmless, haunted, terrorist training camp.
Why don't people see this?

> I don't know. Maybe it's because they watch a lot of that show Homeland.

> This doesn't even look like a mosque. These people have no imagination.

> Oh, I think they have plenty of imagination. Which is why you need
to change this house back to normal, so that we can show them that we're
a normal family, and that mosques aren't haunted, terrorist, training camps.

> Ok, so you're saying I shouldn't put on my zombie Bin Laden costume?
Fine it's a bad idea.
So you see, this is just your average American home.

> Yeah, not like some really cool, terror themed haunted house that was
going to win me a spicy chicken chipotle pasta.
The Qu'osby's are some of the finest people on the block.

> What's that?
Is it from the Middle East?

> No, we got that at party city.
To be honest, I've never been inside a mosque, and while I watch a lot of that
show Homeland...

> I knew it.

> Funny that show always made me scared of unstable white women.

> Well listen, you should come over to our mosque sometime. It's nothing to be scared of.

> As long as you don't smell Aasif's feet when his shoes are off.

> Well, I'm sorry if there was any confusion.

> All I know is that I'm relieved. Well,
trick or treat.
(he yells)

> Hey, hey...
Guess he's not coming to break fast with us at Ramadan.
(they all laugh)

> Oh, Aasif.

> Crazy racists.
(end theme song plays)

> Cut. Please, jesus.

> Stay there. You stay there.

> Oh my word.

> Oh, sorry. I'm in the wrong place. Shit, sorry, sorry.

> We're just a normal family, and that mosque aren't...and that mosque aren't...shit.
And that mosque aren't homeless...what?

> That would've totally won me a free spicy ch-chipotle pasta.
It would've won me some spi...
Yeah, and not so awesome...yeah.

> Did you say crazy racists?

> This house is broken.