Australian comedian Sam Longley gives it up for a very worthy cause.

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Actor - Sam Longley, Director - Mark Zagar, Writer - Andrew Tinning

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March 02, 2013


Lake Nowergup Valley is the Jewel in the Crown natural asset of the booming Northern suburbs of Perth, West Australia. Little known of until now, this pristine Lake and old growth Tuart forest is under threat.

Will it become a premier tourism, recreation and rural lifestyle precinct for the people to enjoy - or - will it be allowed to become a moonscape of quarry hole craters, heavy industry and machinery belching noise, dust and pollution into the pristine environment?

It's up to us - now.

Join our FB page 'Save Lake Nowergup Valley' and make a positive future for our families.

There is plenty of limestone only 1 km east of the rare and precious Lake Valley. There is no need to destroy the last remaining permanent Lake of the north.

We can have the best of both worlds.