Our parody of "127 Hours" for the Toscars film competition put on by Brits in LA.

Full Credits

Starring Scott Urner, Faith Harrington-Boutin, Fiona Domenica, Laura Harbron, Eileen Lee, Emma Richardson, Sammy the Turtle, Lisa Marks, Tamara Douglas-Morris, Stephanie Bradford, Brian Whitaker
Directed by Laura Harbron and Lisa Marks
Written by Lisa Marks and Laura Harbron
Story by Laura Harbron, Lisa Marks, Eileen Lee, Scott Urner, Fiona Domenica, Tamara Douglas-Morris
Based on an Idea by Eileen Lee
Edited by Laura Harbron
Cinematography by Laura Harbron
Original Score Composed by Tamara Douglas-Morris
Produced by Eileen Lee, Lisa Marks, and Laura Harbron
Assistant to Sammy the Turtle - Scott Urner
Thanks to: Robert Panico, Danforth France, James the Gaffer, Brian Whitaker, and Brits in LA
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