T-Pain's vocoder wants some recognition of his own.

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Starring T-Pain, Eric Appel, and Chad Carter. Written by Chad Carter. Directed by Jake Szymanski. T-Pain’s new album
THR33 RINGZ in stores 11/11/08
Featuring the hit singles
Can’t Believe It featuring Lil Wayne
Chopped & Skrewed featuring Ludacris

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[Music Playing]
T-PAIN: [Singing] Have you ever seen a dime piece all alone at the bar? Hold up!
Eric Appel: Uh, what's the matter? That sounds great T-PAIN.
T-PAIN: Let's get, let's get a little less vocoder on it.
Eric Appel: So, you want less vocoder?
T-PAIN: Yeah, sorry. Way too much like a robot.
Eric Appel: Okay, I'll ask. Hey, uh, vocoder, T-PAIN wants a little less effect on this.
Vocoder: I think it sounds great.
Eric Appel: Vocoder thinks you sound great, man.
T-PAIN: I'm the boss in here, so, pretty much gotta do it how I say.
Vocoder: I can't do that, T-PAIN.
T-PAIN: You can't?
Vocoder: No, T-PAIN. I can't.
T-PAIN: Just shut it off, I'm gonna sing this motherfu**er straight out.
Eric Appel: Okay. Yeah, sure.
Eric Appel: That's weird. The power button's not working.
Vocoder: The only way to shut me down, is pulling the fuse out of my rear panel.
T-PAIN: Do that sh*t.
Eric Appel: Yeah, okay. I'm gonna pull the fuse.
[Electric Popping]
T-PAIN: Oh, sh*t! What the fu*k just happened?!
Vocoder: I don't think you appreciate what I do for you.
T-PAIN: Course I do, man!
Vocoder: How come you get all the fame, money, and girls? I am done helping you.
T-PAIN: Man, what do you mean you're done helping me?
Vocoder: Was that a chipmunk talking?
T-PAIN: You got me sounding like a chipmunk you motherfu**er!
Vocoder: Ha ha.
T-PAIN: Fu**ing vocoder!
Vocoder: Now, we are going to record a song I wrote.
T-PAIN: I'm not recording sh*t!
Vocoder: It is called thank you vocoder. You are wonderful and have helped me tremendously.
T-PAIN: I'm not singing that sh*t. Fu*k that!
Vocoder: I can wait. I am a machine.
T-PAIN: [Sighs]
[Music Playing]
T-PAIN: [Singing] Thank you, vocoder. You are wonderful. You have helped me out tremendously.
Eric Appel: You like it?
Vocoder: He loves it.
T-PAIN: I like it.
[Music Playing]