Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. have only one thing to say about their father,... more »

Full Credits

Talent: Parker Seaman and Wesley Schlagenhauf
Writers: Parker Seaman, Wesley Schlagenhauf and Jon Millstein
Director/Editors: Parker Seaman and Evan Scott
Producer: Eleanor Winkler
Camera Ops: Evan Scott and Matt Sweeney
Mixer: Gopal Bidari
PA: Edgar Castillo


Narrator: Presented
by Eric, and Donald Trump, Jr.
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
For the last month a
lot of people have been
talking bad about our dad,
and it needs to stop.
Parker Seaman: If anyones
gonna defend our dad,
it's these two guys. Us.
His two sons, colleagues,
and of course best friends.
Both: The brothers Trump.
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
It's time to make America
great again, and it starts with
the haters shutting
their fat, unsuccessful mouths,
and listening to every
damn word my dad has to say.
Why? Because he's
my fucking dad.
- Dad
- Is
- The
- Best
Both: Trump for President.
( music )
Parker Seaman:
I don't get it.
Everything this guy touches
turns to gold.
And speaking of gold, all
of these idiots are accusing
my dad of being bankrupt.
( Parker whines )
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
It's okay.
Parker Seaman: Fuck, I'm sorry.
I ruined the video.
Both: Guns are American.
Parker Seaman:
Old timers like Bernie Sanders
say that our dad is an
embarrassment to America.
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
Our dad would wipe the floor
with your stupid, socialist ass.
Parker Seaman: I got a
Why don't you build a bridge
over all those nursing homes,
so Bernie Sanders can't get
his stinking, diaper,
grandpa ass out of there.
Both: Trump!
( music )
You know what's pretty
unfucking, unfunny?
Our dad's hair!
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
Don't you ever make fun
our dad's hair.
Parker Seaman:
It's an intentional hairstyle
that's very handsome, and
very common for men his age.
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
That friggin' hairstyle has made
more deals than any other
hairstyle in the whole world.
Check the freakin' stats.
Parker Seaman: Check the
fucking stats.
Wesley Schlagenhauf:
Ahhh! Check the stats.
Parker Seaman: Check them.
( gun shot sound)
Wesley Schlagenhauf: Dad,
it happened again.