Terrible mishap after terrible misuse of bottle caps.

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Bored & Unemployed


Ben is playing video games and Chris enters the room.

Chris- Hey Ben

Ben looks at Chris with no response.

Chris- Wanna see something cool?

Chris puts bottle caps in his eyes.

Chris- No cake for you!!

Ben- Cool chris

Chris starts shaking his head in panic and realizes that the bottle caps are stuck in his eyes.

Chris- I I I I I Can't get them out! I CANTTTT SEEEE!!

Chris gets up in a panic running around. Kyle enters the room. Chris runs towards him.

Kyle- Hey guYYYSS AHHH

Chris and Kyle start screaming in each other faces freaking out. Kyle eventually slaps him in the face knocking the bottle caps out of his eyes and in Ben's eyes.


Cut to black: