A homeless man, Wolfe, has a different perspective on the world than other people.... more »

Full Credits

DARKHAWK Productions
Produced by Dan A. R. Kelly, Xoey HAWK and Matthew Mandarano
Story by Dan A. R. Kelly, Xoey HAWK, Matthew Mandarano, Bill Davis and Michael Blaha
Written and Directed by Dan A.R. Kelly
Music Composed and Recorded by Bill Davis and Matthew Mandarano
Cinematography and Editing by Matthew Mandarano
Production Design by Xoey HAWK
Choreography by Heather Maggs
Michael Kamtman as Wolfe
Karen Price-Crowder as JoAnne Taylor
Bill Davis as The Pimp
Xoey HAWK as Younger Prostitute
Krista Webb as Whore Chorus 1
Heather Maggs as Whore Chorus 2
Chelsea Stein as Whore Guitarist
Tara Lowe as Whore Bassist
Michael Blaha as Young Guy
Dan A. R. Kelly as Young Guy 2/Voice in Car
Annabell Simpson as Grandmother
Logan and Kendall Vines as Grandchildren