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♪ Turn your magic on
♪ Umi she'd say
♪ Everything you want's
a dream away
♪ Under this pressure
under this weight
♪ We are diamonds
♪ Now I feel my
heart beating
What are you
fucking retarded?
♪ I feel my heart
beneath my skin
♪ Baby you light up my
world like nobody else,
♪ The way that you flip your
hair gets me overwhelmed,
♪ But when you smile at the
ground it ain't hard to tell,
♪ You don't know,
♪ Oh, oh,
♪ You don't know
you're beautiful,
♪ If you want my body
and you think I'm sexy
♪ Come on sugar
let me know
James Kimberley Corden: Oh.
James Kimberley Corden: These guys are really
getting down with us.
James Kimberley Corden: They're getting down to
if you think I'm sexy.
James Kimberley Corden: God bless America!
♪ But the biggest
kick I ever got
♪ Was doing a thing called
the Crocodile Rock
Mel Gibson: Pull over! Pull over!
♪ While the other kids were
Rocking Round the Clock
♪ We were hopping and
bopping to the Crocodile Rock
♪ I'm not gonna
leave you
♪ There's no
way I will
Amy Poehler: Shit whore!
[car horn]
♪ Yeah, yeah
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah
♪ Hello from
the other side
♪ At least I can say
that I've tried
James Kimberley Corden: Here we go.
♪ La
♪ La La La
La La
♪ La La La
La La
♪ Oh yeah
♪ La La La
La La
♪ La
[music playing]
[train horn]