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Full Credits

A ClownTown Production
Starring: Brett Walkow, Sarah Lonsert, JG Moore, Pepper Jay
Directed & Edited by : Brett Walkow
Written by: Brett Walkow & JG Moore
Song Lyrics by: Brett Walkow, Ashley Ferguson
Music by: Brett Walkow, Peter Godfrey, & Beethoven
Music Production: Brett Walkow
Line Producer (of GKP): Roxy Shih
Director of Photography: Naofumi Kudo
2nd Unit Director of Photography: Greg Cheng
Camera Operator: Justin Chan
Colorists: Roxy Shih and Justin Chan
Gaffers: Greg Cheng and Naofumi Kudo
Boom Operator: Oz Navarro
Slate: Magda Navarro
Costume Design: Ashley Ferguson
Set Design: Ashley Ferguson & Brett Walkow
Hair & Makeup: Misty Moore
Everything else under the sun: The ClownTown Team
Special Thanks to : All Our Fans, The Fergusons, The Walkows, The Good Kids - (For tireless hours, dedication, & mostly making our vision come true) :
Besides jumping on board with ClownTown for this one, they are an amazingly talented production company that I would hire for ANYTHING. See more here: &
Michelle Lonsert (For your undying love and support 24/7), and most of all... my Ashley, for being my muse and support and rock through making my dreams come true. I love you baby

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December 20, 2011