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Leslie Scheckter has a big date tonight and doesn't want anything to go wrong.
Published August 17, 2011 300k views More Info »
Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Starring Chris Tallman as Leslie Scheckter
Featuring Janet Varney
Restaurant Patrons: Jen Bascom, Celestine, Olivia Francessca, Matt Mattson, Annaliese Puccini & Mark Villa
Directed by Todd Bishop
Written by Chris Tallman
Producer: Rachel Goldenberg & Chris Tallman
Director of Photography: Mike Manasewitsch
Editors: Danny Jelinek & Todd Bishop
Music by Allen Simpson
Production Designer: Ellie del Campo
Makeup: Megan Nicoll
Sound: Ben Forman
Assistant Camera: Zach Zdziebko
Gaffer: Shane Houghton
Swing Brenan: Campbell
PA: Max Elfeldt
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Published: August 17, 2011