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Full Credits

Executive Producer/Producer
Gameela Wright
(Second Life - Avajean Westland)
Rob See and K. DaVette See
Gameela Wright
Twilight Sim Theme
Rob See
(Second Life - GnuEon Aeon)
K. DaVette See
(Second Life - Suzy Yue)
Associate Producer
Bella Begonia
Director of Photography
Rob See
Bloom Dolls designed by
Emma Gilmour
Sand Shack Surf Co. in Second Life
(In order of appearance)
Gameela Wright (Second Life - AvaJean Westland)
Peggy (The Brains)
Voice: Robin Harris
Principal Puppetry: Panza Eilde (Second Life)
Teddy (the Wiseguy)
Voice: Calvin Nuttall
Principal Puppetry: KimberlyAnn Bieler (Second Life)
Lisa (The Screamer)
Voice: Samantha Quijano
Principal Puppetry: Calamity Hathaway (Second Life)
Johnny(The Pretty Boy)
Voice: Robert Hamilton
Principal Puppetry: Doug Jacques (Olaf Barbosa - Second Life)
Voice: Dana Morgan
Principal Puppetry: K. DaVettte See (Second Life - Suzy Yue)
Voice: Haylee Merrill
Principal Puppetry: Lilibet Nightfire (Second Life)
Voice: Makena McElroy
Principal Puppetry: 1angelcares Writer (Second Life)
Professor Nuquelar
Voice: Ken Abbe
Principal Puppetry: Kayden Oconnell (Second Life)
Stand-In Puppeteer for Principals
FlameRose Dagger
Supporting Puppetry
Bella Begonia
Jewel Byron
GinGin Denja
Abernathy Fretwerk
Lea56 Hyun
Cody Juneau
Marnie Quinnell
First Assistant Director
Bella Begonia
Production Assistants and Bloom Wranglers
Abernathy Fretwerk
Calamity Hathaway
Set Construction
Linkin Slate
Olaf Barbosa
Flamerose Dagger
Calamity Hathaway
Costumes, animation, props and set pieces:
Numerous content creators on the Second Life game platform (credited in film end titles)
Titles designed by
Rob See
Background and Incidental Music used by permission from
Music Beyond
Character "Stewie" Griffin created by Seth McFarlane for 20th Century Fox Television.
Character Mogwai created by Chris Columbus, copyright owned by Warner Brothers.
Powerpuff Girls created by Craig McCracken, copyright owned by the Cartoon Network
"Thriller" performed by Michael Jackson, copyright owned by the Estate of Michael Jackson.