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Full Credits

Starring: Henry as Wtozcega Bohater Pies
Marc Robinson as Viktor The Balloonman, Vampire Tree & Ogma The Tall
Mark Pergolizzi as The Eggman
Brad Villane as Shapeshifter MetalMan & Mizma the Growly
Jessica Morgan as Movie Command Baroness
Edward Valibus Phillips as Wealthy Engorger
Ben Siler as Chatty Justice Man
Alexandra Phillips as Wrongful Mother Maria
Melissa Walker Moore as Robo-Lover Greta
Amina Dilawari as Poop Patroler
Penny as Herself
Marley as Herself
Benjamin Rednour as Beastly Passioner
Amy Scheftlein as Woeful Preggers
Grand Dictator Statue Designer: Kevin Morrison
Camera Provider: Sean Davis

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