I got a new computer and then learned that I can record songs on it. This was very exciting for me so I wrote a song about it.

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Written/Directed/Edited/Produced: Mike Terlizzi
Director of Photography: Gary Otte
Special Thanks to: Solomon Tubbs and Sam Ihunwo for helping tape it - Ryan Gerossie for adding the graphics and sweetening the final edit - Joyce Park for being Asian.

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July 23, 2010


Look at me!
I just learned to use this new

Recording software on my new computer
I just learned it today

I never knew
That a computer recorded things

It's so fuckin' easy although then again
I'm a computer retard

All I had to do was just go to this website
That my dorky ass Asian friend

Had sent me the link this afternoon on IM

I didn't know it was this was to record things

I can lay down bass and drums, piano too!

If it’s this simple to record then just imagine

All the crazy fucking things
I'll bet a thousand bucks my computer can do!

You know, I was never a big computer person

I still long for the days of the small up down, A-B Nintendo controllers

But there's one thing I bet they can't get computer to do

But I bet if they could, it would be the greatest computer moment of them all

I just want to open "start"

And have an option on the menu

So that emotions can be on my computer too!  

Then I'd have

A computer with feelings I could sit down and talk to

Who would always be there for me

And help me write songs

But until that day
I will surf the internet
And download pornography

All alone in my room