Heyyy sexy Leia!

Full Credits

Starring - Nick Wiger, Johnny Meeks, Ryan Perez Kathryn Burns, Jeff Dutton, Dave Birr and Sara Jester
Written and Directed by Nick Wiger
Director of Photography - Brian Lane
Gaffer - Aaron Ulrich
Production Designer - Rachael Ferrara
Choreographer- Kathryn Burns
Assistant Director - Caitlin Smith
Production Assistant - Luis Sanchez
Sound - BoTown Sound/Fredrik Wahlstedt
Editor- Nick Wiger
Editor/VFX - Andy Maxwell
Music Mixer- Michael Cassady
Voice Over- Pat Bishop, Nick Corirossi, Charles Ingram and Juliet Sennif
Producer - Sean Boyle
Special Thanks:
"Gangnam Style" karaoke by A-Dream
"Somebody That I Used to Know" karaoke by FalseVoiceVEVO


[Music Playing]
JarJar Binks: Gungan style.
JarJar Binks: Gungan Style.
JarJar Binks: Missa JarJar Binks. Missa Gungan from Naboo. Missa listen to Boss Nass because he tell me what to do. Missa friends with Queen Amidala so don't step to her. Missa acting like a fool but Missa is a senator.
JarJar Binks: I'm searchin' an apples, I'm searchin' apples with my tongue.
Background Singers: Hey!
JarJar Binks: With my tongue.
Background Singers: Hey!
JarJar Binks: With my to-o-o-o-ongue. Open Gungan style.
JarJar Binks: Gungan Style. Oh, oh, oh, oh, open Gungan style.
JarJar Binks: Yeah! Sexy Leia!
Nick Wiger: And that's what I got so far.
Ryan Perez: Uh huh. Uh huh. So, why are you doing this?
Nick Wiger: Oh, well, you know, that Gangnam Style song is really popular, and Star Wars stuff always does well online, so...
Ryan Perez: Sorry, I meant more generally. Why are you doing this? With your life?
Nick Wiger: I mean, I'm just trying to do something topical.
Ryan Perez: So, is this what you want out of your career? Is this what you've always aspired to do?
Nick Wiger: I just wanted to be a novelist.
Ryan Perez: You chose to use the past tense. Just curious, what did your father accomplish by the time he was your age?
Nick Wiger: I mean, he served in the military, earned a PhD, was a college professor, had two kids.
Ryan Perez: Probably bought a house?
Nick Wiger: Bought a house, yeah.
Ryan Perez: So, I guess my one big note would be to reevaluate the decisions that have brought you to this point in your life.
Nick Wiger: Okay. Thanks.
[Music Playing]
Ryan Perez: What did your father accomplish by the time he was your age?
[Clicking Sound]
Video Announcer: Uh, Chris Brown, getting ready to battle with the Avengers. A hope of fighting women.
[Music Playing]
Ryan Perez: Nick! Nick! Nick, dude! Nick! [Snaps Fingers] Dude?
Nick Wiger: Sorry. I drifted off, there.
Ryan Perez: I was just saying this is great! The JarJar voice is perfect! Another classic topical sketch from the Wiges.
Nick Wiger: Oh! Thanks, man! Oh, sorry about earlier. I just had this weird crazy fantasy that you told me my video was terrible, and then I killed myself!
Ryan Perez: Oh no.
Nick Wiger: I know, isn't that crazy? It's so weird.
Ryan Perez: He's crashing.
Nick Wiger: What?
Ryan Perez: Code blue.
Ryan Perez: Eeeeeeeeee...
[Beeping Flatline]
Doctor: Time of death, eight twenty-eight.
Ryan Perez: I'm sorry.
Johnny Meeks: It's not easy to lose someone you work with every day. But, we should remember Nick Wiger for who he was. A man who was genuinely passionate about topical parodies. The best way to pay tribute to him, is to watch his most popular video. This will be his legacy.
[Music Playing]
Batman: And you used to be played by Adam West. Fought the Riddler and you also had a sense of humor. Now your voice is gravelly. Now you're just a Batman that I used to know. A Batman. Now you're just a Batman that I used to know. A Batman! I used to know. Now you're just a Batman that I used to know.
[Choir Singing]