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Full Credits

Written by Ben Wietmarscen
Directed by Matt Mayer & Ben Wietmarschen
Edited by Matt Mayer
Starring: James Coker, Marshall Stratton, Caroline Cotter, Sebastian Conelli, Kristen Acimovic and Josh Sharp
DP: Paul Yee
Gaffer: Marcia Garcia
1st AC: Rose Poage
Wardrobe Stylist: Meghan Campbell
Hair & Makeup: Regina De Lemos
PA: Chandler Garber


- [beep]
- [film projector]
Ben Wietmarschen: [Camera Assistant]
But, why would you audition
Ben Wietmarschen: to be in a blind trust?
Just doesn't make any--
Marshall Stratton: Just clap the damn thing!
Ben Wietmarschen: Alright, Eric and Donald Jr.
audition for the
Ben Wietmarschen: Trump blind trust.
Take one.
[breathing heavily]
Ben Wietmarschen: [camera assistant]
Ivanka and Jared, take one--
Caroline Cotter: [Ivanka] Get out of my way!
Caroline Cotter: And hi dad. I don't know
why we're doing this.
Caroline Cotter: We all know you're going
to give me the company.
Caroline Cotter: So why don't we just
go ahead and do that?
- Hi dad--
- Jared! Jared!
- Jared here. Remember from the wedding?
- Jared,
Caroline Cotter: I said that I was gonna handle this.
- Sorry. Yes.
- Thank you.
James Coker: You got this.
Marshall Stratton: We got this.
James Coker: President-elect father,
James Coker: me and Donald Jr.
have decided to band together
James Coker: to become co-trustees.
Josh Sharp: Ivanka and I really think we could do
a great job with the company.
Caroline Cotter: No. I think I can do a very
good job in the company dad.
Marshall Stratton: Dad, we were good
boys during the election.
James Coker: We even tried to learn golf.
Marshall Stratton: We had trouble learning the roles.
Ben Wietmarschen: [camera assistant]
Tiffany take 78.
[dance music]
Josh Sharp: go for it.
- Just really try hard--
- Don't tell me to go for it.
Caroline Cotter: You act like I this is
a business to you, huh!
- I--
- Who? Name a person.
Caroline Cotter: Barron, who's in third grade?
Ben Wietmarschen: [camera assistant]
Barron, take one.
♪ Daddy
♪ I love you so much
♪ Put me on your blind trust
Caroline Cotter: The donut twins?
Marshall Stratton: We have some great ideas
- for the Trump company.
- To my apps.
James Coker: The first one is called Horser.
Marshall Stratton: Horser is like Amazon,
but for horses.
James Coker: Honestly,
James Coker: Horser was our only app idea.
Caroline Cotter: Brittany?
Josh Sharp: You mean your sister Tiffany?
[dance music]
Marshall Stratton: God, we're so dumb.
Marshall Stratton: Dad we'll do whatever you want!
- Shut up pussy.
- No, you're a pussy.
- You're a pussy.
- You're a pussy.
- You're a pussy.
- You're a pus--
Marshall Stratton: Yeah, go down! Go down!
[dance music]
[crew member]
Uh, Mrs. Trump?
- We're ready.
- Oh, OK.
Josh Sharp: Is he gone?
- Tap!
- Tap out!
- Tap!
- Tap out!
- Tap!
- Tap out!
♪ I honor you and beautiful mother
♪ I will obey--
Caroline Cotter: We will be powerful.
We will be--
- [sigh]
- Did you-- Did you just moan?
- Oh, did I do that out loud?
- Yes. You did it out loud.
- Do you like that?
- No.
- Say I'm Barron.
- I'm Barron.
- You're Barron.
- I'm Barron.
- Please choose me for--
- Choose us.
- Sorry.
- Me.
♪ I will not let you
♪ Down
We won't let you down.
Kristen Acimovic: I won't let you...
Kristen Acimovic: Down.
[crew member]
I told you, if you wanted to talk--
Marshall Stratton: Tap out! Tap out!
[crew member] Guys.
Would you stop wrestling very second?
- Yeah, you're Tiffany now.
- No, I'm not!
Marshall Stratton: You're the Tiffany now.
- No, I'm not!
Ben Wietmarschen: Hey, uh, Ivanka,
your brother's wouldn't listen to me,
Ben Wietmarschen: but your Dad just gave
them the company.
Caroline Cotter: Oh. OK well, I guess I'll just
move to D.C. and be First Lady.
Josh Sharp: Me too.