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Anton Antokhin
David Daves

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September 18, 2010



Hi, I’m here to introduce to Talkndogs’s latest iPhone application, Road Trip Arbiter.

With Road trip you can say goodbye to the struggles of trying to remember who paid for the beef jerky, who paid for the gas, about being put upon for expenditures, or of being in the awkward position of having to ask one of your friends to cough up some money. With Road Trip you can keep track of all of your trip’s expenditures in one easy application. And more over you will be able to keep track of who paid for what and who owes money to whom.

Now you may ask yourself, “Why do I need this application?” “I could do the same thing with a notebook and a PENCIL.”

Let me tell you a story. In the 1960’s when the Americans were involved in the great space race with the Soviets the American’s put millions of dollars in research into developing a pen which would work in zero gravity. When the Russians were faced with the same problem - their solution was a pencil.

Why do you need Road Trip Arbiter, Because were AMERICANS.