The newest show on TV features Rob Thomas and the rest of Matchbox 20 in the thrilling crime drama, "SMOOTH".

Full Credits

Starring: Rob Thomas, Kyle Cook, Paul Doucette, Brian Yale
Forensics Experts: Kojo Aseidu, DeRick Walker
Dead Body: Joey Mireles
Prostitute: Meryl Hathaway
Crime Scene Photographer: Patrick Robinson
Written/Directed by: Scott Gairdner
Produced by: Michelle Fox
Edited by: Brian Lane
AD: Tyler Stratton
Cinematographer: Brian Lane
1st AC: Nate Cornett
Gaffer: Aaron Ulrich
Electrician: Steve Failows
Key Grip: Ravi Gahunia
Grip: Noah Flippo
Production Design: Tricia Robertson
Groomer: Lisa Mayer
Hair/Makeup: Jen Osborne
Wardrobe: Melissa McNeely
Tailor: Anna Avetisyan
Sound: BoTown Sound
PA: Ross Buran, Matt Sweeney, Alicia Goff
Special Thanks: Sheila Richman, Glenn Fukushima, Michael Lippman, Nick Lippman, Jason Browning


[music plays]
This fall TV's hottest new drama
is based on music's greatest song
Man it's a hot one
I'd say about, 7 inches from the midday sun?
I guess this guy couldn't handle the heat
Word to the wise, when this town gets rough
We gotta stay
[music plays]
Rob Thomas and Jerry Bruckheimer presents Smooth The Series
This life, ain't good enough
I'll give my world to lift you up
I would change my life to better
suit your mood
Do you know why
Cuz you're so smooth
[Music Plays]
's grammy winner for best pop collaboration with vocals
explodes into your living room
It's just like the ocean
under the moon
What is?
[music plays]
It's hard to believe that it's been 13 years since I did smooth the song
but now I'm actually expanding my smoothaverse
and I brought the matchbox boys with me
and they are loving it
I'm not an actor, I'm not even remotely
and by the way neither is Rob
I have no idea why I'm here, this show blows
[drumming instrumental]
Stop scumbag. I love me a hot line beat but
if you don't tell me where santiago is keeping the girl
I'm going to be beat you with these timbales
until you're 6 feet under the ocean, under the moon
[music plays]
Thorpe Thompson from the Cincinatti Sun says,
Smooth completely exhausts its own premise in the first
ten minutes
Ryan O'Ryan from the Boston Bumble says
It's the best you could expect from a show
written by a bass player
Robb told me I had to write 26 episodes by
the end of the month or else I'm out of the band
I miss my base
You and I see the world very differently Senior Smooth
You see the ocean under the moon
I see the moon under the ocean, heheh
I will kill you Thomas Suave
Not so smooth now, aye, Senior Smooth?
[gun shots]
For action this intense and music this adult contemporary
It's gotta be smooth
I live my life by 3 rules
Give me your heart, make it real
or else forget about it.
[gun shot]