Depressing country singer, Daryl Skreep, sings a song about how it's sometimes hard to tell when a person is sleeping or totally dead.

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Daryl Skreep, Greg J Szydlowski


Are you asleep or are you dead?
have you dreams or worms in your head?
Shall I tuck you snuggly in bed, or bury you under my lawn?
Have you passed out or have you passed on?

Are you out like a light or dead as a dog?
Should I fetch you a pillow or commemorative log?
Have you gone to the land of Golden Slumber or the Land of Brimstone and Fire?
Did you nod off or did you expire?

You know it's really hard to tell.
'Cause one of your eyes ain't closed, but you've done that before so who knows.
And I can't tell if you're breathing. I could get a mirror, there's one in the washroom.
I could check your pulse but I don't want to touch you.

Will you wake up or will you start to stink?
Will you remain fresh or start putrefying?
Was what a few minutes ago I took for a snore really a choke?
Did you fall asleep, or did you just croak?

Are you asleep or are you dead?