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And the Motor Lord from the peak of the mountain called to himself Prophet M.
The Prophet ascended the hills.
And the Motor Lord showed himself in the forms of an engine.
The Prophet with surprise exclaimed:
— What are you?
And then, the Motor Lord said to Prophet M:
— I'm the MotorGod... Your God! I brought you here, Prophet M, to hand you the sacred Tables of Asphalt where you will find the Ten Commandmentz, you and your disciples shalt always follow!

. Thou shalt have no other vehicle before Me!
. Thou shalt not waste time with any graven image!
. Thou shalt not curse your Bike in vain!
. Remember to keep the parties holy!
. Honor thy mechanics!
. Thou shalt not harm yourself!
. Do not commit adultery!
. Thou shalt not steal!
. Thou shalt not bear bullshit!
. Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's Motorbike!