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Invisible Ink, Laughter, Abilify (the commercials especially... they are so enlightening), Side effects of Abilify (may cause drowsiness...elderly patients with dimensionia should not use Abilify), Howard the Duck, Donald Duck, Hollywood in general, History, Funny or Die, YouTube, The Academy... I'd like to give it up to God...for spiraling the human race's conciousness upwards rather than circular... I'd like to thank Nascar, for doing a similar thing... you know.... in today's society, its like every lap is more important than the others.... And I'm gonna type some words out for my dead homies... all the tapeworms I've killed...with love... and I'd like to send some support out to the Funny or Die team... for probably making me retype this because of some "unknown error"... And, lastly, I would like to humbly thank this Additional Credits section by saying... God Bless America. We're the coolest humans around... uh... Die socialists, Die communists, Read the fuckin' constitution, and also... I would like to thank my parents.... all of them... for supporting me through tough times... and allowing the gracious webcam technology to fog through our world...sending us fake Universal Studio Floridian Best Actor Awards, run-on sentences, Dino Rider toys, stealing my frickin socks all those times so that other people could smell my feet... and I'd like to thank myself.
One more additional credit goes to mathematics in its most basic form... addition... so... I'd like to say "1 + 1 = 2" and Fuck you terrorists!
(death metal wrestling intro song)
Oh yeah... another additional credit goes to my laptop... the baby pheonix that rose out of credit cards... and has helped me get straight As throughout my second shot at college...
Basically, everything.

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A few days ago, in a similar dimension to this one...

I recorded this video.


This is the transcript that follows...

ENTER STAGE CENTER - The green room is behind the Alien... The Alien has acoustic tiles above his being. There are flourescent lights...dressers...a Jimi Hendrix poster similar to the one he saw in Kent, Washington where he first saw a drum set. Little do we know the tragedy that has prequelled this poor Alien man's life and General History.

::The YouCam technology all of the sudden turns the sad manboy into humor. The best bone of the body. It transports things into...::

Scene 2: Another Dimension.

Alien (Played by Clark U): "PPPHHHWWW" (Horse sound) unspoken words: [My Venus is in libra and I prefer real women as opposed to slutty wannabes]

*ingested burp

[Kung Fu translatory style]

"So much to say... so little time..."



"Lee bra..."

"BOOK! BOOK! BOOK!" [Howard the Duck Doctor Voice]

"Happy Face"

"Scary" [Neo voice]

"Crying..." [Chester the cat next door meets Truely the cat's voice]

Alien: (in a weak voice) "Webcamera!"

"You perfect me!"

"Deep... I'll shut the door on YOU, DUMBO!"

"Why you laughing at yourself?! Check out my [video] big nose..."

Alien: Great White Shark...

::The Alien hums the basic JAWS melody::

Alien: (humbled by tragedy) "electricity..."

Scene 3: The webcam is suddenly off and darkness (or the "Funny" "or" "Die" (quote marks hand gesture) screen appears... The audience is left baffled...confused...laughing at stupidity...and The Drunk Alien Series tell the story of a schizo-affective who makes people hear voices that are unpleasant.

Credits: (Invisible Ink)