Stephen Merchant sits down for a chat with John Mayer and Bill Burr about their roles in the film 'Zombeavers.'

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Director: Jordan Rubin
Starring: John Mayer, Bill Burr, Stephen Merchant
DP: Jonathan Hall
Sound: Stacy Hill

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March 16, 2015


> Stephen Merchant: Hi, Stephen Merchant here.
This week I sat down with John Mayer and Bill Burr who have two small
but memorable roles in the film Zombeavers.
Guys, when I was sent to see the film my immediate thought was, Zombeavers,
it sounds like they've taken these two things, combined it...obviously
my immediate thought was Sharknado, a shark...

> Bill Burr: Ah, come on man.

> John Mayer: That's silly, that's silly.

> That's a low blow dude.
Look, Sharknado's ridiculous, ok, sharks in a tornado like,
it's an absurd movie.

> Sharknado was the--

> (Bill): Sharknado, sharknado was absurd.
(Bill): Like they can't breathe.

> Yeah.

> Look this is all fine and good, but I think you're missing the point,
is that the second syllable of zombie is also the first syllable of beavers.
Do you see what I mean? Sharknado--

> It's thought behind it is what he's saying.

> Sharknado is just removing the first syllable of tornado, and
putting a shark there. It doesn't even flow.

> It's lazy.

> So for you it's the grammar, it's the semantics, it's the word, combination--
Is that something that draws you to a script?

> (John): Absolutely.
Somebody sat there, probably on a toilet, and thought the second
syllable of zombie is the first syllable of beavers. Where can I go with that?

> Tell us about the movie.

> Me and John play a couple of truck drivers delivering some cargo
that falls off the back and poisons, some would call feral animals.

> Yeah. Well, they weren't feral to begin with, but the cargo was
medical waste, toxic very toxic medical waste.

> What drew you to the role, because I imagine you get offered a great
many movie scripts. What was it by this one that sort of spoke to you?

> There's a lot of killer beaver movies out there, and actually as
I started to read it I go, I know what this is.

> Yeah.

> (John): And as you read deeper into it, you actually don't.

> Like this movie does not hold your hand, like you have to pay attention,
or you're going to be lost.

> So you weren't drawn to the movie for the money I would assume?
(both say): No, no.

> I'd spend about $30,000 thousand dollars on acting classes.

> So this movie cost you money?

> It's an investment. Do investments cost money? Sure.

> It's a horror movie, but there's elements of humor...we've got
zombies, we've got beavers, we've combined the two...we've seen this all before.
Why are we watching this one?

> There's a couple of tits in there.

> Right, but.

> Titty bridge. Jordan was talking about this, it goes between the comedy
and the horror.

> And Jordan is?

> Jordan Rubin is the director, a fantastic director, and Jordan would take
them to titty bridge, and that just means you're going ha-ha-ha...
how do you go eek, titties.

> So they made me see the film, so I checked out the trailer online,
and I looked at some of the comments left underneath the trailer,
and these, I haven't doctored these at all, these are all real
comments. You can check them out left underneath the trailer.
@MegD says, "Is this legit?"

> I guess they were wondering if a trailer that good, could actually
be representative of a film. Most people think it's just a trailer.

> Oh, so they don't think that someone's actually bothered to--

> Can't wrap their heads around it.

> It's like the new Star Wars, you know? It's like, no one is really
quite sure there's going to be a movie. It's about the trailer.
People are excited about the trailer.

> Yeah, yeah.

> And come March 20th, they're going to know that Zombeavers is a real film.

> A movie.

> It's a movie.

> Well, it's certainly the length of one.
Well, guys good luck with the movie, and the movie will be in theaters
apparently, March 20th. So uh, go check it out.
Uh, Bill.

> Stephen, very nice to meet you.

> John.

> Thanks Stephen.

> (Bill): You didn't watch it did you.
You sat there for an hour and you didn't even watch the thing?

> I thought to see a movie that I wanted to be doing interviews about,
or I wanted to be doing the Oscar films.