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Full Credits

Written by Jason Flowers
Directed by Matt Mayer
Starring: Larry King, Tiffany Haddish, Janice Dickinson, Ross Marquand, Lauren Conlin Adams, Alex Griffin and Dan Hodapp
Producer: Rob Hatch-Miller
Post Producer: Alex Parks
Executive Producer: Kate Lilly
Editors: Matt Mayer & Bryan Stratt
VFX: Shawn James
Director Of Photography: Mike Rossetti
Production Designer: Jessie Chaffin
Production Manager: Jack Bradley
Production Coordinator: Nabeer Khan
Animation: Spencer Garrison & Malcolm Rizzuto
Original Music: Zach Reino
1st AC: Matt Borek
Gaffer: Matt Krueger
Key Grip: Aaron Defazio
Camera Operator: Ryan Bender
Hair & Make Up: Jessica Leigh Schwartz and Morgan McDonnell
Wardrobe Stylist: Michelle Thompson
Sound Mixer: Danny Carpenter, BoTown Sound
Wardrobe Assistant: John Thompson
Set Dresser: Emiliano Rios
Art PA: Esther Kim
PA: Pablo Escobosa


Announcer>It's 2057 A.D.I'm Larry King, and make sure you check out my new showNow check out this clip.Larry, I've always looked up to youHere's my first question.That's so crazy that you asked me that, about to startHere's another great clip.Thanks for havin' me, but look at you.What are you a hundred?Ugh, a hundred.Oh boy
->Agh.The clips keep on comin'.This is that thingYeah, that's it.Here's another clip from the road.You know what I love about you Larry,Matthew I only get to ask one questionNow Larry I'm gonna stop you right thereWhat's your dad up to these days?Head Full of Questions.Can someone call Regis's head and see if he's free?