A battle of dimmed wits.
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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Host - Chris Tallman as Bill Mesersmits
Debaters - Hunter Cope, Jonathan Sanders, Shawn Pearlman, Angela Trimbur
Director - Rod Blackhurst
Producer - Alison Hord
Written and Created by - Rod Blackhurst, Eric Levy, Michael Torpey
Director of Photography - Sean Conaty
Editor - Benjamin Moses Smith
Camera Operators - Gareth Paul Cox, TJ Hellmuth, Ben Mullin, Josh 'Bones' Murphy
AC - TJ Hellmuth & Josh 'Bones' Murphy
Gaffer - Gareth Paul Cox
G&E - Randy Garcia, Fernando Montes, Adam Galanter, Eric McGaw, David Carstens
Audio - BoTown Sound: Bo Sundberg and Steve Pallow
PA's - Andrew Grissom, Ross Buran, Daniel Beldy
Art Department - Samantha Corona
Title Design - Brian McGinn
Original Score - Silas Hite
Colorist - Andy Maxwell
Special Thanks - James Minchin III, Trevor Elier, Matthew Jordan, Kara Welker, Chris Suchorsky

[Music Playing] [Coughing]

Chris Tallman: Alright, welcome everybody to the Humble County Debate. This is the fourth annual. I'm your host, Bill Mesersmits.

Jonathan Sanders: Is this real? [Laughing]

Chris Tallman: Oh, it's real.


Chris Tallman: Everybody all right?

Angela Trimbur: No, I just, I'm thinking about this recurring nightmare where I'm in a tanning bed, and I'm naked and there's a tarantula and it's, like, starting to climb up the tanning bed. And I like, take off the little sunnies and I, like, see it, and it's slowly, just quickly zooms up my vagina. And then the whole thing goes on fire.

Chris Tallman: Which weighs more? A ton of bricks, or a ton of feathers?

Shawn Pearlman: Are you allowed to give us debating tips?

Jonathan Sanders: Put a brick [Thump] You hear that sound? A brick's heavier.

Chris Tallman: What's a feather sound like?

Jonathan Sanders: [Gasps] You hear nothing. Does anyone ever ask you hey, have you heard a feather?

Chris Tallman: A feather discussion. That's an interesting point. All right, over here.

Shawn Pearlman: Um...

Angela Trimbur: Well, I mean I, I kind of agree, but...

Chris Tallman: You guys understand a debate?

Hunter Cope: A ton. It's a measurement. It's a weight measurement, correct?

Jonathan Sanders: Yeah, it's a sound and weight measurement.

Hunter Cope: Is it a sound?

Jonathan Sanders: We already discussed the feather, brick sound.

Hunter Cope: Oh, sure, sure.

Chris Tallman: Put your brains on this one: sex change time, which is better? To start from a lady and go to a fella, or to start from a fella and go to a lady?

Hunter Cope: I think a woman would get great pleasure from fu**ing over any guys that she's fu**ed in the past. Wait. Oh, s**t, wait a minute. Uh, wo-woman to man.

Chris Tallman: Yes. Why?

Jonathan Sanders: You're growing a di*k.

Hunter Cope: You're growing a di*k. So, yeah, you could like, hate f**k like when you, when you were maybe, like, treated poorly yourself.

Chris Tallman: So, your point is be a woman, become a guy and then have gay sex with all the guys who screwed you over as a woman?

Hunter Cope: [Laughing] I guess so.

Chris Tallman: Interesting point. All right, Shawn and Angela, your rebuttal.

Angela Trimbur: Wait, we have to do woman from man?

Chris Tallman: You can do whatever you want.

Angela Trimbur: Oh.

Chris Tallman: Did you listen to anything they said?

Jonathan Sanders Hunter Cope: [Laughing]

Angela Trimbur: Yeah. Yeah.

Shawn Pearlman: Could you guys repeat what you said? [Laughing]

Hunter Cope: What are we all looking for in this world?

Jonathan Sanders: A sweet...mom. [Laughter]

Chris Tallman: So, at times, French is nicer than Spanish?

Angela Trimbur: I, I had in mind that I was doing Spanish, but it sounded like the French.

Chris Tallman: Lets try Spanish again.

Angela Trimbur: They just always seem so happy! And, uh, I [gibberish] I'm adorable!

Chris Tallman: Okay, now do French.

Angela Trimbur: And the French are [Gibberish] You know?

Chris Tallman: I'll point out they wrote things down.

Hunter Cope: We do too.

Jonathan Sanders Hunter Cope: [Laughing]

Shawn Pearlman: We just made circles.

Chris Tallman: Why is shaved better?

Jonathan Sanders: There's just a swiftness to it. You just, that feel.

Hunter Cope: Sort of a nice glide.

Jonathan Sanders: Yeah. Do you see like, s**t coming out of ice? Like, you're skating on ice. You just want that clean surface.

Chris Tallman: You do not see s**t coming out of ice.

Hunter Cope: State the question again, my friend. If you don't mind.

Chris Tallman: All right, my friend. Has organized religion outlived its usefulness to society? You said yes. Why?

Hunter Cope: Yes.

Chris Tallman: All right, Shawn and Angela, your turn.

Shawn Pearlman: Okay. [Laughs] Um, well, you know, I mean, I think that they...

Chris Tallman: Hunter and Jon, you're going to win. Congratulations.

Angela Trimbur: Aww! I knew it!

[Music Playing]


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