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[distorted] Noo!
[gun fire]
[foreign language spoken]
[gun fire]
[record scratch]
Russia if you're listening...
[ rock ♪ ]
[Donald Trump] I hope you're
able to find the 30,000 email...
[Matt Lauer] Annex Crimea invaded Ukraine,
supports Assad in Syria, supports Iran.
Well, he does have an
percent approval rating.
[shouting, gun fire]
[male reporter] The Kremlin couldn't be happier
with the way Trump's cabinet is shaping up.
Especially with Rex Tillerson
as potential Secretary of State.
[Jimmy Fallon] Everyone is saying,
"Oh, is there a bromance between
Vladimir Putin and all this stuff."
Trump obviously knew the Russian hacks
were benefiting him during the election.
[female reporter]
President-elect Donald Trump
hasn't been shy about his
warm approach toward Russia.
It wouldn't be bad to get
along with Russia, right?
It wouldn't be bad.
[Matt Lauer] You said, "It's always a
great honor to be so nicely complemented
by a man so highly respected
within his country and beyond."
Now I belong.
[shouting, clapping]
What a mess! Ugh!