Two lovely young ladies walk into a bar to order a few drinks when they reveal just how mature they really are.

Full Credits

Starring Zoe Saldana as Kaye
Kate Bosworth as Marghi
Janeane Garofalo as the Bartender
Greg Grunberg as the Regular
Jason Lewis as Alex
Victor Webster as Ivan
Bruce Walrath as Dude
Also featuring Brian Pollack, E-Kan Soong, Ace Marrero, and Marcos Reyes
Written and Directed by Kat Coiro
Produced by Christin Trogan
Executive Producers: Lauren Bratman and Mike Farah
Director of Photography: Antonio Scarlata
B Camera: Brian Mulchy
Edited by Danny Jelinkek
First AC: Michael Bosman
Second AC: Ray Lee
Assistant Director: Greg Kindra
Sound Consultant: BoTown Sound
Sound Mixer/Boom: Kevin Faber
Additional Sound Mixing by Ryan D. Cole
Gaffer: Kevin Stewart
Grip: Dave Cronin
Swing: Ryan Ovadia
Set Photographer: Tiffany Roohani
Equipment Coordinator: Brian Lane
Casting: Leslie Woo
Production Design by Emmy Eves and Kathrin Eder
Makeup and Hair: Shauna O'Toole
Assistant Makeup and Hair: Sarah Laine Smith
Makeup for Ms. Saldana: Ver Steimberg
Hair for Ms. Saldana: Mara Roszak
Wardrobe: Emmy Eves
Production Assistants: Elliot Dickerhoof, Alexandra Kennedy, Samantha Chan
Special Thanks to Michelle Fox, Jarid, and Bar Lubitsch of West Hollywood

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July 14, 2010


Janeane Garofalo: (Off-Camera) So, I lived in Tierra del
Fuego and then Zimbabwe
Janeane Garofalo: before coming back to the
States to get my nursing
Janeane Garofalo: degree, which was
fulfilling, but very
Janeane Garofalo: emotional draining.
Janeane Garofalo: So I decided to
bartend for a while.
Greg Grunberg: Okay.
Janeane Garofalo: You know, they're very similar; caring for the
Janeane Garofalo: weak, right?
Greg Grunberg: (laughs)
Janeane Garofalo: So, Publilius Syrus
Janeane Garofalo: Oh fuck.
Janeane Garofalo: Dude, will you turn
that shit down!
Bruce Walrath: Sorry.
Janeane Garofalo: I can't believe those two
idiots are back.
Greg Grunberg: Why is that when women are threatened by beautiful
Greg Grunberg: women, they go right to
insulting their
Janeane Garofalo: Whoa! This has nothing to
do with being threatened.
Janeane Garofalo: They have the mental
capacity of two year olds.
(he scoffs)
(she mimics)
Zoe Saldana: (child's voice) What's your
favorite movie?
Kate Bosworth: (child's voice) My favorite movie is
Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
Kate Bosworth: Do you like
my drum?
Zoe Saldana: I want to play
with it.
Zoe Saldana: It's my turn.
Kate Bosworth: Hey, give me
my drum back.
Janeane Garofalo: What do you
Kate Bosworth: Umm...
Kate Bosworth: Dirt,
Kate Bosworth: umm, a dog,
Kate Bosworth: umm, beer,
a water.
Kate Bosworth: A water!
Janeane Garofalo: And you?
Zoe Saldana: Gimme orange juice.
Kate Bosworth: I got Buzz Lightyear
Kate Bosworth: I have to go poo-poo and
then I have to go pee-pee.
Kate Bosworth: Stinky pee-pee.
Greg Grunberg: Oh, you know what, let me
get that. Put it on my tab.
Greg Grunberg: Hello, ladies.
Zoe Saldana: You're silly.
Kate Bosworth: You're killy.
Zoe Saldana: You're killy.
Kate Bosworth: You're Billy.
Zoe Saldana: Say the magic word.
Kate Bosworth: Thank you.
Greg Grunberg: Man, those girls are
Janeane Garofalo: (sighs)
Janeane Garofalo: Can I help
Jason Lewis: Can I please have some
apple juice?
Janeane Garofalo: Yeah.
Victor Webster: I'm a boy
(he imitates a robot)
Greg Grunberg: Idiots.
[record scratch]
[a child sings]
♪ I'm leavin' on a jet plane ♪
♪ Don't know when I'll be back again ♪
♪ Oh babe, I hate to go ♪
♪ [inaudible] ♪