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A sweetly cynical Valentine's Day comedy about people breaking up.
Published February 14, 2011 2.9k views More Info »
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Written and Directed by Stephen Interrante
Produced by Mark Zuckerbrow
Cinematography by Adam Severi
Asst. Director Andy Bryant
Edited by Pete Saroufim and Stephen Interrante
Additional Segment Writing: Joe Saroufim, Mark Zuckerbrow
Additional Segment Directing: Andy Bryant Pete Saroufim
Supervising Producer Pete Saroufim
Color Grade by Pete Saroufim
Visual Effects by Stephen Interrante
Additional Visual Effects by Billy "Skipper" Hughes and Adam Severi
(order of appearance)
Hiking Man - Brendan Merrill
Hiking Woman - Ashley Noel
Embarrassed Man - Matthew Leddy
Disgusted Woman - Anna Cecilia
Enraged Drink Thrower - Sarah Trybulski
Shocked Onlooker - Mark Zuckerbrow
Delighted Onlooker - Lissy Smith
Jerk Date - Mark Ramos
Flirtatious Waitress - Phylicia Wissa
Lonely Boy - Jonny Rigberg
Playground Girl - Victoria Zulueta
Show-off Boy - Will Martinez
Baby Lover - Meg McCarthy
Baby Runner - Andy Bryant
Baby Mother - Cecile Delepiere
Cashless Man - David Scott
Unforgiving Woman - Elizabeth Donovan
Expressive Waiter - Ethan Landry
Unsuspecting Girlfriend - Brianne LaFlair
Worried Onlooker - Brian Bellinkoff
Horn Blower - Kelsey Richardson
Dart Thrower - David Adler
Fed-Up Husband - Matt Tilley
Overbearing Wife - Kateri De Martino
Navigator Woman - Debbie Singer
Driving Man - Casey Graf
Screaming Woman - Katharine Brandt
Screaming Man - Claude Deering
Terrified Mistress - Jillian Burgos
Level-Headed Adulterer - Eric Levine
Unforgiving Wife - Jenna Coker-Jones
Stephen Interrante - Himself
Frying Pan Woman - Samantha Bowling
"He's Mine!" - Jana Savage
"No, He's Mine!" - Merna Aodisho
Smiling Man - Pete Saroufim
Hi-Five Man - Adam Severi
Princess - Heather Rush
Liberated Man - Ted Blegen
Picnic Man - Bello Lubin
Picnic Woman - Ashley Rebekah Faulkner
Shrieking Woman - Jenny Kelly
Confused Man - Robert "Robbio" Olmedo
Vegan Woman - Elle Equalibria
Ravenous Man - David Verne
Evil Twin - Cedric Maruani
Hoodwinked - Woman Caitlin Geier
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Published: February 14, 2011
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