A political advertisement for an unlikely candidate.
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Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Aaron Bendele - Colin Wells
J.P. Karliak - Danny Hunter
P.J. McNerney - Bob Trappins
Ruben Dario - Harry Pearce
Misa Doi - Zoe Reynolds
Bridget Kloss - Fiona Carter
Jaimie Paulson - Vicki Westbrook
Donovan Tate - Matthew Archer
Misa Doi - Bribery and Extortion Victim
James McNerney - Murder Victim
Ric Rosario - Racketeering Victim
Macy and Sam - Montage Dogs
J.P. Karliak - Victim in Trash Can
Nara Acuna - Child learning poker
Travis Guba - Irish immigrant
Sokrates Frantzis - Joey
Jonathan Townsager - Tommy
Tommy Bechtold - Vinnie
Logo by
Michelle Dawson
Still Photography by
Aaron Bendele
Written, Directed, Produced by
Aaron Bendele
J.P. Karliak
P.J. McNerney
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Published: October 19, 2009