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Original music and lyrics copyright 2010 by Mark Foster, parody lyrics copyright 2012 by Mike Smith. Thank you Larry Beaird and vocalist Doug Stokes!


"Danny was a Democrat, in every election he would vote like that
He never missed one debate, lived all his life in a battleground state
It feels like a long time, since he took down his Hillary Clinton yard sign
But Danny sure was surprised
When a Herman Cain ad somehow caught his eye...

Presidential picks and political kicks
We're getting in the habit of filling out the ballot
Presidential picks and political kicks
Bachmann or Rick Perry, Huntsman or Mitt Romney

"Politics is Danny's game
He can spell every governor and senator's name
His friends are in disbelief since Danny started checking out the GOP
My buddy found him in Des Moines, eating corn dogs at a Romney rally
His bumper sticker says it all, "In 2012 I support Ron Paul..."

"Danny likes to share his views
He tweets and he blogs and keeps up with the news
He even has a Facebook page, a political junkie in the digital age
We heard he had quite a hoot, knockin' on doors in New Hampshire for Newt
But now he wears a sweater vest, supports Santorum and says he's the best..."