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Before there was the concept of Closet Singer, this started it all...
Published September 20, 2008 930 views More Info ยป
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Tom Kiesche sings (Closet Singer)
Comedy by Big Quiche! With actors Laurie Searle & Bryan Bellomo. A slight parody of Music & Lyrics by Jerry Herman. Thank you to Alex Varden Music. The rest by (including vocals): Tom Kiesche. A Big Quiche Production.
First ever vocal (singing with microphone) recording. Recorded at my voice teacher's joint. Before actually getting the idea to "self-record" and "self-engineer."
The Story: Though technically not a "Closet Singer" because it wasn't recorded in my closet, but this is the one that kicked it all off.
Singing the song during a coaching, I started playing with the words. My coach and I laughed so hard at one point, we both thought I should record it.
Bryan and I had just met for coffee a few days earlier, and he wanted to be involved in another Big Quiche Production. When I called him to tell him about my idea, he talked to Laurie, and they were on board.
And the first "Closet Singer" video was born.

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