A Russian-speaking woman from the Ukraine wants to keep her children. It's her husband she wants to change.
Published June 02, 2010 14k views The Crypt More Info ยป
Full Credits
Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
Susanna Brisk Sasha/Mother/Grandmother
With Ivana Milicevic as Irina
And Casper Van Dien as American Man
Angelia Dyoulgerova Olga
Nina Zavarian Marina
Yakov Birman as Yuri
Celeste Van Dien
Maya Van Dien
Grace Van Dien
as Sasha's children
Writer/Producer/Director Susanna Brisk
Producer Frank Chindamo
Executive Producer
Barry Katz
Blue screen crew
Production Co-ordinator Dominique Anders
Director of Photography Rich Samuels
Second Camera Akis Konstantakapoulos
Audio Mixer Nick Alexander
Boom Operator Brian Corral
Craft Services Lynn Chindamo
Production Asst David Stephens
Production Asst Austen Elimore
Brayton Austin DP
John Coffey gaffer/grip
Austen Elimore PA
Ron Cohen Craft Services
Casting Assistant Lee Jacobs
Lisa Gillespie
Tracy Richards
Special Thanks
Jessica Golden
Catherine Oxenberg
Elenor Subuduquia
Aeni Domme
Jim Sharon
Audrey Walker
LA Casting
Pout Productions c. 2010
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